Fashion Apprenticeships in Manchester

Burberry and Alexander McQueen - Yes Please

From Burberry to Alexander McQueen a fashion Apprenticeship could take you anywhere. The UK is known worldwide for its fashionable brands, so watch this space! Probably England’s best known city for fashion and popular culture after London is Manchester. It has a very casual style that differs from London’s but it’s still very British.

Manchester is a great city to hunt for vintage clothes or unique clothing from small indie brands, but also has all the high street and designer shopping you could want. But what could you do as a fashion apprenticeship in Manchester?

About Fashion Apprenticeship Programmes

There is so much to learn about fashion, watch this video to learn more about making a career in fashion and textiles:

Listed below are the different fashion apprenticeships available to you:

Fashion Assistant Apprenticeships: During this Apprenticeship, you’ll be helping customers choose their latest wardrobe on the high street. You’ll be learning about the retailer’s range of fashion products and helping customers choose clothes or shoes that fit and are a good match for them. You’ll also ensure products are in stock and replacing them when stocks run low as well as helping with displays to advertise new products.

Fashion and Textiles Apprenticeships: Here you will learn the technical skills of sewing, weaving, and other trades involved in creating clothes, shoes, and other fashion products. You’ll learn techniques required to have a successful career in this industry as well as how to safely operate the equipment.

Fashion Buying Apprenticeships: This is all about knowing what’s selling and what’s not and learning how to make financially savvy decisions about what stock to order. You’ll be analysing data of what sells best and when/where as well as monitoring sales figures and making predictions.

In the world of fashion there’s a lot of opportunities available, so why not get creative?

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