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Unlocking the potential for growth in their staff, clients and communities they believe they can help shape a vibrant economy for the UK.

What is the Grant Thornton Apprenticeship Programme?

School leavers join on a five year programme where you’ll balance client work with study and revision for professional exams. It’s a challenging few years and you’ll need to be dedicated and focused on passing exams and working with clients.

Ultimately, the Grant Thornton Apprenticeship Programme is all about business and working with clients to drive growth. It’s an exciting time to be part of a firm with a purpose of shaping a Vibrant Economy where businesses, people and communities can thrive.

What Programmes do Grant Thornton offer?

Grant Thornton offers several different Apprenticeship programmes including the following:

Audit – Trust and integrity in financial markets is needed more than ever –  it’s your job to work with them to make a difference and fulfil their responsibility to their stakeholders. From the outset, you’ll spend most of your time on site with clients, across a variety of sectors, as part of an audit team, to get a real insight into how they work. You will be examining company accounts, carrying out audit tests, attending stock takes and completing audit files. You could also specialise in public sector audit, where you’ll deal with government departments, public services and local authorities.

Tax – Clients will look to you not only to save money, but also to ensure they are operating within the law. The serious, and often expensive, consequences of bad tax advice mean that the work you’ll do is of huge importance. As a tax adviser you’ll be working with organisations or individuals, interpreting complex legislation and delivering solutions in a way that the client understands. As a school leaver you can join the area of Corporate Tax, Private Client or Employer Solutions. In London there’s our rotational tax programme.

Advisory – As a business adviser within a team in advisory, you’ll have a large amount of responsibility, as you help businesses start, expand or begin a new chapter. Our advisory teams are involved in some of the most interesting parts of a business cycle and with some of the most exciting clients out there. As a school leaver in advisory you can join us in the areas of Corporate Finance, Transaction Advisory Services, Forensic Insolvency Division or Financial Services Regulatory. If you join advisory in Scotland, you’ll be part of a team who work on projects across various areas.

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