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Hair and Beauty Apprenticeships: What you need to know and how to apply for the right one for you

Are you looking to kick start your career in an industry that’s booming? Hair and beauty Apprenticeships can offer you just that!

If you’re looking for the best way to enter the hair and beauty industry. Well done, you’ve just found it! Apprenticeships. Experience is vital in the hair and beauty industry and an Apprenticeship can help you gain experience and the qualifications to match!

What will hair and beauty Apprenticeships involve?

Hair and beauty Apprenticeships involve on the job training where you’ll gain essential work experience and off the job training working towards nationally recognised qualifications. Hair and beauty Apprenticeships will also help you gain skills that are imperative to the industry as well as earning a salary.

According to The Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (Habia) the hair and beauty industry has an annual turnover of 6.2 billion and there are currently 277,333 people employed in the industry.

What type of hair and beauty Apprenticeships are available to me?

Due to the constant development of the hair and beauty industry, there’s a demand for hair and beauty workers with more and more opportunities becoming available all the time.

People always want to look there best and are ditching the do it yourself bleach box and trading it in for a professional. Celebs like Kylie Jenner and the Geordie Shore cast have a massive influence on the industry, this has seen the introduction of lip fillers and other cosmetic treatments become ever so popular. Let’s take a look at a handful of hair and beauty roles:

Hairdressing – Hairdressing Apprenticeships offers an exciting career pathway. Depending on what level Apprenticeship you do will depend on your role but your duties could be shampooing and conditioning, booking appointments, drying, cutting and hair styling, mixing and applying hair dye and toners, perming and applying hair extensions. Through your Apprenticeship you’ll learn about the effect chemicals such as bleach and peroxide can have on your hair and will carry out skin/hair tests to avoid any allergic reactions.


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Barbering – It’s not just women that want to look their best men do too! A barbering Apprenticeship will involve cutting hair, shaping patterns, shampoo and conditioning hair, trimming and shaping beards and styling.

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Spa Therapists – As a spa therapist apprentice, you will carry out treatments such as massages and electrotherapy. You will also advise on what treatments you think will meet your clients’ requirements.

Makeup – Do you have a creative flair when it comes to makeup? Enjoy experimenting and creating new looks? Makeup apprentices will need to know how to match skin tones to makeup colours, know what products to use to match the clients desired look.

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You’ll learn how to highlight and contour to compliment features, what foundation to use, primers, translucent powder, setting spray and also advise on skin types, for example, if a client has oily skin you will use products suitable for oily skin and if the client has dry skin you’ll use products to suit dry skin. There are lots of opportunities within this sector you could choose to specialise in theatre makeup.

Beauty – There are an array of opportunities in the beauty sector, you could be doing nails such as manicures, pedicure, shellac nails, swarovski crystals, acrylics, you could also do a range of other treatments such as HD brows, plucking, threading, waxing, tinting and shaping, eyelash treatments include LVL lashes, semi-permanent lashes, express lashes, spray tanning and waxing body hair.

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Through this Apprenticeship, you’ll learn how to do skin tests and why these are important and the chemicals used in each product.

Skills needed to succeed in the Hair and Beauty industry

There are essential skills you’ll need to develop during your Apprenticeship. These include being a good communicator, you’ll need to be able to make people feel comfortable and relaxed while having treatments done, you’ll also need the ability to work quickly with your hands and stand for long periods of time.

Once completing your Apprenticeship there is a wide range of options available to you, you could work in a salon, own your own salon, be self-employed and rent a room at a salon or work mobile and go out to people homes.

Hair and Beauty Apprenticeship Frameworks

Listed below are the current Apprenticeship frameworks available in the hair and beauty industry:

  • Beauty Therapy – Level 2, 3
  • Hairdressing – Level 2, 3
  • Nail Services – Level 2, 3
  • Barbering – Level 2, 3

Apprenticeships are currently undergoing change. All frameworks will be replaced with standards by 2020 which will see the change from qualification lead frameworks to standards which will meet employers needs.

Hair and Beauty Apprenticeship Standards

The hair professional (men and women) Level 2 standard is currently ready for delivery.

These standards are currently undergoing developments and are waiting for approval for delivery:

  • Advanced Beauty Professional – Level 3
  • Beauty Professional – Level 2
  • Senior Hair Professional – Level 3


To apply for hair and beauty Apprenticeships visit the Careermap website where you’ll find a wide range of vacancies available across the UK.


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