Hair and Beauty Apprenticeships

If you are looking to start a career in the beauty trade, hair and beauty apprenticeships could be the perfect way to get started in the industry.

Working in hair and beauty can be extremely rewarding. In this industry you get the opportunity to paper and de-stress clients, plus boost their self esteem every time they visit the salon. If you are a sociable and caring person, this career path could well be suitable for you. You will get to spend a lot of time talking to clients and helping them to look their best!

What to expect

Unlike pure theory based courses, a hair and beauty apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to learn the theory but also work in a hair and/or beauty salon and gain valuable customer facing experience. You will spend a certain percentage of your time in college and the rest of your week will be spent working with other hair and beauty professionals in a salon.

By doing an apprenticeship you will not only get the qualifications required to work professionally in hair and beauty, you will gain client-facing experience which will be thought of very highly by any future employers. More and more employers are expecting to see a good amount of experience, so an apprenticeship can really help you get ahead!

You will be able to continue your studies over a number of years and the more experience you get, the more money you can expect to earn, and the more in demand you will be with the salon clients!

Finding your apprenticeship

If you are wanting to take your first step into the world of hair and beauty, finding your apprenticeship is the step you need to take!

Fortunately, we always have new health and beauty apprenticeships being advertised on our website. Please feel free to take a look at Careermap and see what hair and beauty apprenticeships are currently available in your area today!

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