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Health and Safety Apprenticeships in Canterbury

What’s more important than Health and Safety in the work place? ‘Nothing’, that’s right, health and safety rules and regulations save lives.

The term ‘health and safety gone mad’ is frequently used. Now a days everything needs filling out in the accident book, from something minor like knocking your hip on the desk to severe injuries sustained.

About Health and Safety

Health and safety covers all the regulations and procedures intended to prevent accident or injury in workplaces or public environments. It also includes training in emergency preparedness, accident response, and the use of protective clothing and equipment in certain industries.

All industries require health and safety such as an office, retail, construction. Depending on what industry you decide to do a health and safety Apprenticeship within you’ll learn specifics to match a certain working environment. Regardless of what industry you work in safety should ALWAYS come first.

Daily Responsibilities

As a health and safety Apprentice your daily jobs will depend on you employer but usually you will:

  1. Carry out risk assessments and consider how risks could be reduced,  identify relevant hazards
  2. You’ll inspect sites to check policies and procedures are being followed
  3. Ensure working practices are safe and comply with rules regulations
  4. Prepare health and safety strategies
  5. Take note of inspection findings then produce a report following your findings that suggest improvements
  6. Keep up to date with new legislations and maintain a working knowledge of all Health and Safety Executive legislation, if there are any developments that affect the employer’s industry you’ll ensure they are aware of this
  7. Ensure equipment is installed safely
  8. Ensure the safe disposal of hazardous substances such as asbestos is correctly dealt with
  9. Advise on a range of specialist areas, e.g. fire regulations, hazardous substances, noise, safeguarding machinery and occupational diseases

Progression Routes

So where can a health and safety apprenticeship take you? In short, anywhere. You may chose to specialise in a certain aspect of the industry once you have gained the experience to do so like terrorism or nuclear safety. You could also reach levels of management at regional and group. It’s exciting to be a part of the health and safety industry and really can lead you anywhere. After all nothing is more crucial than safety in a workplace.

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