Health and Science Apprenticeships

Health and Science Apprenticeships and Graduate Opportunities

To the lab, clinic and chemist we GO!

Do you want a career that involves big experiments and crucial research? Did you always love chemistry classes at school? Or perhaps contributing to the finding of cures for diseases such as cancer seems rewarding to you. Then a career in the health and science industry could be right up your street.

What does the Health and Science industry cover?

This industry covers a broad range of jobs, listed below are a few:

Sports Therapist – This is a fast emerging choice for graduates, working with sport and exercise participants to prevent and treat injuries helping the patient to return to full fitness.

Laboratory Technician – You’ll collect samples as well as studying and performing tests on body fluids, teeth, chemical compounds, biological specimens, or other fields of science.

Nursing Assistant – You’ll provide basic care to patients as well as assisting them to do daily activities that they find difficult. If you’re a caring person with a big heart this might just be the job for you.

Pharmaceutical Technician – This will involve working in a pharmacy/chemist, dispensing prescription drugs and other healthcare items when directed to do so by a licensed pharmacist.

Dental Nurse – This job involves a little bit of everything, one day you could be helping the reception staff and doing clerical duties whereas the next you’ll be assisting the dentist and performing tasks when required to do so.

Food Technician – In this sector work experience is crucial! You’ll be ensuring food products are produced safely, legally and are of the quality claimed.

Health and Science Apprenticeships

FACT ALERT! Did you know that in the UK the science and research sector generates an annual turnover of more than £50 billion??

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