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HSBC Apprenticeships: Everything you need to know

HSBC Apprenticeships enables school and college leavers to enter the world of banking. Want to continue learning but also want a job? Why choose one when you can do both? Through an Apprenticeship you’ll expand your knowledge on how the banking industry works and develop your skills.

Who are HSBC?

HSBC are a worldwide banking and financial services organisation. They are one of the largest banks with around 3900 offices in 67 countries.

What do HSBC Apprenticeships involve?

HSBC Apprenticeships combine academic study with practical training on the job allowing you to gain experience by working alongside industry experts. You’ll also gain invaluable skills and industry specific qualifications whilst getting paid a real wage. There are a broad range of HSBC Apprenticeships that you can do ranging from commercial to retail banking and wealth management, global banking and markets, operations, IT services and technology.

Are you keen to advance your career in banking? Joining HSBC Apprenticeships will open doors to a wealth of learning and development opportunities. Throughout your Apprenticeship you’ll be given full support from your colleagues and assessor who will offer support personally and professionally.

HSBC offer Apprenticeships at level 3 (advanced) however once completed further study is encouraged and you can even gain a banking degree! From the off you’ll be given a range of responsibilities and as you progress so will the responsibilities you acquire.

HSBC Apprenticeships

Skills needed for HSBC Apprenticeships

Are you keen to continue your learning? Do you have a strong desire to gain qualifications and have a deep interest in banking? If so, HSBC want to hear from you. They are on the lookout for motivated, customer oriented, driven school and college leavers who are looking to start their career in financial services.

HSBC Apprenticeships and progression routes

At HSBC you’ll never stop learning and developing even when your Apprenticeship comes to an end. Once you’ve completed your Apprenticeship you’ll be supported to continue gaining qualifications, developing and advancing your career.

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