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ICT Apprenticeships in the NHS

Do you consider yourself of a bit of a whiz when it comes down to computers? Are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Michael Dell your idols? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about an ICT Apprenticeship in the NHS…

The working life - ICT Apprenticeships

ICT staff in the NHS are responsible for all internal and external electronic communication networks, this will include:

Wide area networks as well as local area networks that link systems in healthcare organisations. The hardware, for example, desktop computers, printers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Software systems, for example, email systems, applications and systems, such as patient records.

Healthcare and innovative technology: apps for medical exams and online consultation concept

What role can I do?

Working in IT in the NHS gives you many opportunities and progression routes, you’ll have plenty of room to move up the career ladder. Here are some examples of careers in the NHS:

Service Desk Operator – you’ll be the first line of support, you’ll log requests for support and resolving IT issues, provide technical advice and guidance.

ICT Support Technician – you’ll be authorising computer and data communications equipment, record keeping, demonstrate the use of computer equipment to a range of health professionals and staff as well as maintaining computer equipment.

ICT Test Analyst – you’ll identify any issues with new systems to minimise problems.

Systems Developer – you’ll develop systems such as systems used to help patients book hospital appointments from their GP surgery.

Network Manager – you’ll maintain existing servers as well as setting up new servers and systems.

With a range of career opportunities waiting for you in the NHS, we want to know what are you waiting for? Apply now!


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