Information Technology – Sounds Boring, but Tony Stark didn’t think so.

Billionaire, industrialist, Technology wiz and inventor. This blog isn’t all about Iron Man or Tony Stark, but it’s about how you gain some valuable experience in an Information Technology field.

Tony Stark, didn’t just build a suit of Armour, he knew how computers worked internally. Otherwise Jarvis (his helpful AI, who is also his butler) wouldn’t have been created. Information Technology is an incredibly important fundamental of the way things work in every day society. From creating a basic website, can lead to building one that you could be really proud of in the future!

IT apprenticeships are the first real step on to something much bigger. It’s a perfect way to start your career, and paid to learn. Apprenticeships are a great way to build up your CV by gaining experience first-hand, and really enhance your skills.  You won’t leave empty handed, you will have a qualification in your specific area of IT, and perhaps even be offered a position at the end.

As the world continues to grow, technology will improve and more people begin to become more reliable with computers and phones. This gives you the head start you need!

In the world of computing, there have been a number of famous people who made their mark on the world. Steve Jobs (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Page (Google), Michael Dell (Dell), Elon Musk (Paypal and many other businesses). This is just a hand full of entrepreneurs who gained a large understanding of the inner workings of computers.

At Careermap we have a large range of IT apprenticeship jobs available. Software developer, IT graphic designer, web developer – just a handful of available apprenticeships here at Careermap.

There will always however be issues, like every subject there will be some problems that need some real digging to find the common cause and the solution.  Just like Tony, except perhaps not to the extent of ripping up his floor.

As for Tony’s love of Technology, he started off as an engineer and found out by learning over time about software and hardware. It certainly didn’t just come to him over night, that’s for sure. We have some fantastic opportunities available, one being BT. BT won’t only offer you money to learn and grow, they will offer some great benefits on top of that!

IT apprenticeships sound like a good idea? Why not apply for a BT Apprenticeship Here. 

Or perhaps check out our other IT apprenticeship position on our interactive map –  Careermap.

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