Institute of the motor industry

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI)

The Institute of the Motor Industry offer a wide range of training opportunities to those passionate about starting a career or advancing your career in the motor field. Join the IMI and get started today!

About the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI)

The IMI supports and encourages people into the motor industry through a range of training and qualifications enabling you to develop your career and abilities to pursue a long and fulfilling career within the motor industry. Watch this video to find out more:

What training and qualifications do the Institute of the Motor Industry offer?

The Institute of the Motor Industry offer a broad scope of specialist training which can lead to qualifications, accreditations, quality assured programmes, e-learning, professional development and Apprenticeships so whether you’re new to the industry or wanting to progress the knowledge you already have the Institute of the Motor Industry can help you to reach your career targets through learning and development opportunities to suit each individual.

The IMI are committed to advancing your motor industry knowledge, helping you to gain skills, experience and qualifications along the way. There are so many qualifications to choose from at the Institute of the Motor industry from Customer Service and Business Admin, to Air Conditioning and Classic Vehicle Restoration and with over 200 more qualification to pick from the IMI really is the perfect place to start your motor industry career.

institute of the motor industry

The Institute of the Motor Industry can help you to advance your capabilities through 17 different accreditation routes from management to commercial vehicles and light vehicle or motorcycle maintenance plus many more so there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Quality assured programmes delivered by the IMI are aimed at organisations wanting to upskill their staff in the automotive sector and they offer a cost-effective solution to employers.

The Institute of the Motor Industry also offer e-Learning courses which provides a platform for interactive multimedia activities and online resources enabling you to learn online and study at a pace that suits you.

The motor industry is such a fast-paced environment and to keep up with the changes of the industry you’ll need to expand your knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the motor industry. The Institute of the Motor Industry offer professional development opportunities which enables you to keep up to date with the changes and progress your career by training face-to-face, via workshops, online through webinars and e-learning, or even from your mobile. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone whatever your learning style.

Find out more by watching this short clip:

Apprenticeships are also an excellent way to get started in the motor industry. Apprenticeships are a work-based learning programme which enables you to work in a job role within the motor industry whilst gaining experience, skills and a nationally recognised qualification whilst earning and learning.


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