T Level in Accounting

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T Levels are a two-year qualification for 16-18 year olds in England that can be done after GCSEs as an alternative to A levels. They are a great option if you are confident in what you want to do as a career. 

Developed in collaboration with employers it is a great stepping stone into an ACCA Apprenticeship and opens the door to a wide range of careers options. 

The T Level is made up of:  

  • 80% classroom 
  • 20% work placement

It is a great way to develop the knowledge needed and also gain work experience with an employer where you can apply what is learned in the classroom to real workplace situations. 

Work Placement

Work placement is a key part of the T Level. Students spend 45 days with an employer which provides the opportunity to learn what a real career is like while you continue your studies.

The onward journey

Students can decide to continue with their ACCA journey and become a chartered certified accountant, with the work experience gained during the T Level used towards ACCA Practical Experience Requirements, a key component of becoming an ACCA member.  This is as long as the work experience is supervised and can be verified at a later stage.  

How to get started? 

Contact your local T Level college to find out more.  Find your local college at:  


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