Woodwork and furniture making concept. Carpenter in the workshop marks out the details of the furniture cabinet using a setsquare close up

Carpentry/Joinery Apprenticeships in London

Let’s begin with the difference between carpentry /joinery

To keep it simple, a joiner normally makes the timber product that a carpenter fits. It really is that simple. So for example, a joiner makes a door, then a carpenter fits the door in your house. The difference isn’t whether or not they use nails! However, the two jobs often overlap due to their similarities.


Do you love working with your hands? Enjoy a challenge? A career in carpentry can offer you just that! As a carpenter, you will fit and install to high quality standards. You’ll have to use a range of techniques; carpentry is such a versatile career you could be insulating office buildings, installing drywall or kitchen cabinets in homes. Those who help construct tall buildings or bridges often install the wooden concrete forms for cement footings or pillars and some carpenters even erect shoring and scaffolding for buildings.


The MUST if you’re thinking of becoming a joiner is attention to detail. This job is extremely hands on, in more ways than one, you need to be precise there is no such thing as a guesstimate when it comes to joinery.

What will your daily responsibilities include?

As a joiner your daily responsibilities will involve:

  • Framework – making temporary wooden structures to support and shape concrete until set
  • Machining – preparing and shaping timber for floorboards, skirting boards and window frames
  • Bench joinery – preparing and assembling doors, window frames, staircases and fitted furniture for buildings
  • First fixing (site work) – constructing the basic wooden structures of a building such as  floor and roof joists, roof timbers, floorboards, staircases, partition walls, and door and window frames
  • Second fixing (site work) – installing skirting boards, door surrounds, doors, cupboards and shelving, as well as door handles and locks
  • Shopfitting – producing and fitting interiors for shops, hotels, restaurants, banks, offices and public buildings

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