land-based and environmental apprenticeships

Land-based and Environmental Apprenticeships – What you need to know and how to apply for the right one for you

Land-based and environmental Apprenticeships are so diverse, the industry itself is crucial to both national and global economics, so if you’re looking to kick start your career in a fulfilling and exciting role then you might have just found your dream job.

What will Land-based and Environmental Apprenticeships involve?

Land-based and environmental Apprenticeships provide you with an extensive range of opportunities. Through a combination of classroom based learning and on the job training you could be working within land management and production, environmental or animal care. The opportunities are extremely diverse and with an Apprenticeship, you’ll also gain a nationally recognised qualification in your chosen field.

Although the vast majority of careers in the land-based and environmental industry involves muddy wellies, practical and outdoor work, there are alternative options in specialist, managerial and skilled technician roles.

There’s a demand to attract young people into the land-based industry.

The Lantra website explains how “it is expected that the land-based sector will require 148,000 more people between now and 2020 as the industry continues to grow. Estimations that another 447,000 people will also be needed to replace those who leave the sector through retirement.”

There really isn’t a better time than now to begin your journey into the working world with land-based and environmental Apprenticeships.

What Land-based and Environmental Apprenticeships are available to you?

Land-based and environmental Apprenticeships reflect the multiplicity of the industry. There is a wide range of opportunities available to you. Here are a handful of land-based and environmental options:

Agriculture – Agriculture is a huge field to be a part of. Farming is the heart of the sector and you’ll get stuck right in with looking after livestock, driving high-tech tractors or even growing crops.

Animal Care – Do you have a passion for the welfare of animals? During an animal care Apprenticeship, you could be working with a wide range of animals both small and large. You could be working at a zoo, vets, grooming parlour, kennels and equestrians.

Environmental – Are you devoted to the protection of landscapes, plants animals, and the countryside? Without people working in the environmental sector, we’d have no one to preserve our great outdoors. The four main routes include environmental conservation, access and recreation, rivers, coasts and waterways, dry stonewalling.

Florist – Do you have an eye for detail? A creative flair? Do you want to make a difference on special occasions? As a florist you’ll be doing all that. You’ll need to arrange flowers to suit all occasions from weddings to birthday, anniversaries and funerals.

Land-based Engineering – Do you enjoy solving problems? As a land-based engineer you’ll design, develop, repair, service and install machinery within the land and agricultural industry.

Equine – Are you interested in working with horses? Apprenticeships within this sector enable you to pursue careers in the following farrier, riding instructor, yard groom, horse trainer.

Skills needed for Land-based and Environmental Apprenticeships

Do you love the idea of working in the great outdoors? Concerned by animals and their health? Want to help preserve the environment? If you answered yes then you’re basically the perfect land-based candidate. You’ll need to show an awareness of the industry, the ability to solve problems with a flexible approach and be physically fit depending on what role you do.

Land based industries

As you may or may not know Apprenticeships are changing. By 2020 it is expected that all frameworks will be removed and standards will be introduced. Frameworks are qualification lead but these sometimes don’t meet the needs of employers. Apprenticeship standards will focus on the needs of employers.

Land-based and Environmental Frameworks

The following frameworks are currently set in the land-based and environmental industry:

  • Environmental Conservation – Level 2, 3
  • Land-based Engineering – Level 2, 3
  • Agriculture – Level 2, 3, 4
  • Horticulture – Level 2, 3
  • Trees and Timber – Level 2, 3
  • Game and Wildlife Management – Level 2, 3
  • Floristry – Level 2, 3
  • Veterinary Nursing – Level 3
  • Veterinary Assistant – Level 2
  • Equine – Level 2, 3
  • Farriery – Level 3

Land-based and Environmental Apprenticeship Standards

A range of standards have been developed in the land-based and environmental industry. The following have been approved for delivery:

  • Arborist – Level 2
  • Forest Operative – Level 2
  • Golf Greenkeeper – Level 2
  • Horticulture and Landscape Operative – Level 2
  • Land-based Service Engineer – Level 2
  • Land-based Service Engineering Technician – Level 3
  • Sports Turf Operative – Level 2

The following standards are currently being developed and awaiting the approval for delivery:

  • Golf Greenkeeper – Level 3
  • Animal Care and Welfare Assistant – Level 2
  • Animal Trainer – Level 4
  • Archaeological Technician – Level 3
  • Countryside Worker – Level 2
  • Crop Technician – Level 2
  • Ecologist – Level 7
  • Environmental Manager – Level 7
  • Equine Groom – Level 2
  • Facilities Service Operator – Level TBC
  • Farrier – Level 3
  • Floristry – Level 2
  • Golf Course Manager – Level 5
  • Landscape/Horticulture Manager – Level 3
  • Packhouse Team Leader – Level 3
  • Pest Control Technician – Level 3
  • Poultry Technician – Level 3
  • Poultry Worker – Level 2
  • Resource Operative – Level 2
  • Resource Technical Manager – Level 3
  • Senior Equine Groom – Level 3
  • Stockperson (sheep, pigs, cows) – Level 2
  • Underkeeper – Level 2
  • Veterinary Nurse – Level 3

Visit the Institution for Apprenticeships to find out more about Apprenticeship Standards.

Applying for Land-based and Environmental Apprenticeships

If you’re looking to avoid the monotonous 9 – 5 office lifestyle then a land-based and environmental Apprenticeship is a great way to kick start your career and get qualifications, skills and experience under your belt. You can find a wide range of land-based and environmental Apprenticeships at Careermap. Check them out to find your dream job role.


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