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Land Based, Environmental and Animal Care Apprenticeships – WILD about the WORLD and its animals?

Agriculture Explained

The agriculture industries history started over 10,000 years ago but many people don’t understand what the industry is all about. The term agriculture includes farming; it is the cultivation and tillage of the soil, dairying, the production, growing, and harvesting as well as the raising of live stock.

Land based, Environmental and Animal Care Apprenticeships

Have you eaten today? Thank a farmer.

Fresh Crop of talent needed

In the UK the agricultural field is an aging workforce with an increasing need to attract more young people. There is an outdated image surrounding agriculture that it’s all about farm laboring and mud, wellies and sticking your arm up the rear end of a cow. It’s not. This highlights the lack of appreciation for an industry which offers a broad range of careers across an increasingly diverse range of businesses.

Let’s look at the facts

Agriculture is an exciting global industry which is an important contributor to the national economy; it uses cutting edge technology which is constantly innovating. Farming equipment has become increasingly advanced recently. Many machines have computers in them so they can monitor quantity and quality such as moisture levels, this then provides data that needs interpreting.

Apprenticeships in the Land Based industry

The good news is the agricultural industry is currently looking to recruit bright, ambitious young people, due to the skills shortage it is expected to recruit 60,000 new people to the industry by 2020. There are excellent prospects in this field of work, people are always going to need to eat and the global population is growing.

Land based, Environmental and Animal Care Apprenticeships

You can do the following jobs/apprenticeships:

  1. Farm Worker,
  2. Agricultural Engineer,
  3. Farm Consultant,
  4. Tractor Driver,
  5. Agronomist,
  6. Agricultural Sales

Environmental Industry Explained

There are big, big changes …

The necessity for an eco-friendly world is altering the face of the environmental job market and skills for workers. There is so much going on in the environmental sector as sustainability feeds into absolutely everything.

Land based, Environmental and Animal Care Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships in the Environmental Industry

Today’s job market includes more environmental opportunities than ever before, it’s thriving in numerous sectors and around the globe.

  1. Air Quality
  2. Conservation
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. Environmental Assessment
  5. Waste Management
  6. Water Quality
  7. Floristry
  8. Game and Wildlife Management
  9. Horticulture and Landscaping
  10. Trees and Timber

Land based, Environmental and Animal Care Apprenticeships

Attending Events = Important

Although you can find lots of information about the environmental industry online attending events and speaking to people first-hand exposes you to so much more information. This will give you a chance to gain insights, ask direct questions and, most importantly, make contacts.

Animal Care Industry Explained

Are you a furry friend lover? Do you have the dedication and patience to care for animals? After all that’s what it’s all about ensuring they are fit and healthy.

Land based, Environmental and Animal Care Apprenticeships

In the animal care industry you could work in a variety of animal organisations including kennels and catteries, animal charities, horse riding centres, veterinary practices, grooming parlours, zoos and pet shops.

Land based, Environmental and Animal Care Apprenticeships

FACT ALERT: Did you know that 47% of the UK’s population has a pet, that’s before we even take into account zoo animals, farm animals and pets waiting to go to their forever homes.

How do you get started in a career like animal care?

Britain is renowned for being a nation of animal lovers so it’s hardly surprising that working with animals is becoming an increasingly popular career choice. But the main question is … how do you get started?

Volunteering is a great way to get started in the animal care industry providing you are able to demonstrate an enthusiasm for working with animals which will add valuable experience and content for your CV giving you the edge in a competitive job market. You can volunteer at places such as the RSPCA, PDSA, Vets, Zoos ect and you never know they might offer you a paid job if you impress.

Apprenticeships and Courses are an alternative route to working in this field.  An Apprenticeship qualification can be a stepping stone to a role, you’ll gain skills and first hand experience whilst working to a nationally recognised qualification AND you’ll get paid. Courses also ideal and will help lead to employment. Apprenticeships, college or university-based courses in animal care are also available at different levels, depending on your abilities and your aspirations.

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