Legal Apprenticeships vs University

Legal Apprenticeships vs University … Which will you choose?

A question not for the light hearted: Legal Apprenticeships or University? With a wide range of information flying about on the web. To make things easier in your dilemma you need to decide, what role do you want in the legal industry?

Have you always had a niche for Law and Order? Perhaps you want to be the next Judge Rinder? An Apprenticeship or University might just be your ticket to the big ride.

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Legal Apprenticeships

So by now, you must be wondering what legal Apprenticeships are available to you:

Paralegal Apprenticeship – This is an introduction to the world of law and the first step onto the career ladder. This Apprenticeship will assist in developing the practical administrative, research and drafting skills for work in the legal sector. Upon completion this Apprenticeship will open doors to progression, which brings us to the next step…

Higher Chartered Legal Executive Apprenticeship – Following on from the paralegal Apprenticeship you will continue to build your knowledge of the legal system as well as negotiating behalf of clients, through representing them in both formal and informal proceedings as well as making decisions on legal principles on the rule of law. Moving on …

The Solicitor Apprenticeship – Be prepared to argue that black is white! This six year Solicitor Apprenticeship will require just that. You’ll learn the fundamentals of law and legal practice and upon completion will be a fully fledged solicitor with years of experience within a law firm.

Law at University

So why would anyone want to study law at university if an Apprenticeship is on offer? For you aspiring barristers an Apprenticeship might be a downfall. Ultimately, the decision is yours and research is KEY!

Sector Awareness

Being aware of the sectors within the legal industry is crucial and this is when your research will come in handy. Here is a list of a few sectors of law you can work within:

1. Comparative and international law

2. Dispute resolution law – also see the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

3. Entertainment law

4. Human rights law

5. Insurance law

6. Maritime law

7. Personal injury law

8. Will writers

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