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Legal Apprenticeships

Guilty or Not Guilty?

The leading rule for a legal apprentice is diligence, you’ll be prepared to swear black is white. Legal workers have a way of seeing that sets them apart from the rest of us, they are much more focused on rational, logical, and objective criteria.

Skills Gained

During a legal apprenticeship, you will gain valuable skills that can be transferable to real life situations. You’ll learn to be logical and analytical, but also display a great deal of creativity in your problem solving. You’ll learn that the best solution is not always the most obvious and in order to outmanoeuvre your challenger it is often necessary to think outside the box.

You’ll learn good communication skills, you must be articulate in your communicating. Whether you’re training to be a solicitor or whether your aspirations are in the research and support sectors, communication skills are key. You will learn to write clearly, persuasively and concisely, as you must produce a variety of legal documents. But it’s not all about projection. To be able to analyse what clients tell you or follow a complex testimony, a lawyer must have good listening skills.

Judgement also plays a large part in the legal system, you’ll need to judge your own weaknesses in an argument, as well as your opponents weaknesses.

You’ll learn to be analytical, gain people skills and research skills. These are all crucial as you’ll need to liaise with your client and absorb large quantities of information from the client and your research and key point it analytically to information of you understanding and logic. When working on a case, you must have the perseverance to complete the work necessary to drive it to a successful finish.

Legal Apprenticeship Programmes Available

The legal sector is changing rapidly and the need for rigorous, relevant and business-focused legal education and training has never been greater. For the first time, there is a comprehensive range of Government backed vocational qualifications for the sector.

Legal administrator/support apprenticeship – These are staff who assist in the progression of cases, but bring administrative expertise rather than legal knowledge to the table. This pathway is ideal for school leavers who want to get straight into the world of work, rather than spend much time on further study.

Paralegal apprenticeship – Again through paid, on-the-job training combined with tuition, apprentices develop legal and business skills (including client care and legal research), and are eventually able to qualify as chartered legal executives.

Solicitor apprenticeship – This is a six year programme while employed leading to qualification as a solicitor.

Entry Requirements

Individual law firms set their own entry requirements but the governments recommended minimum requirements for the majority of legal schemes are: five GCSEs, including Mathematics and English A* – grade C or above (or equivalent) three A-levels (or equivalent) – minimum grade C.

The two main sectors within the law industry are criminal law and civil law. Civil law is the system of law concerned with private relations between members of a community. For example this could be personal injury claims (Tort Claims), breach of contact claims such as failing to deliver goods, not paying wages in full ect and landlord/tenant issues that may arise such as the return of a security deposit for a tenant leaving the property. Criminal law focuses more on a system of laws concerned with punishment of individuals who commit crimes. For example minor offences such as petty thefts, traffic offences. And more serious offences for example, rape, robbery murder ect.

Law will teach you many things, it will be challenging, you’ll learn how to take two situations that are exactly the same and show how they are different. You won’t raise your voice, you’ll improve you argument to be heard.

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