MI5 Graduate Scheme

The MI5 Graduate Scheme offers a career like no other. It’s a unique opportunity filled with rewards and advancement options. No other job guarantees an action-packed career like this. From preventing terror attacks to averting cybersecurity threats – you’ll be at the forefront of pioneering news stories. If you like the sound of helping to keep the country safe then this could be the perfect career route for you!

Want to get stuck right in and be at the heart of investigations? Looking for a career that enables you to achieve your true potential? Want a career that offers variety? The MI5 Graduate Scheme could be just what you’re looking for. 

What are the MI5 Graduate Scheme available?

The MI5 Graduate Scheme is wide ranged from business to intelligence officer and technology – it all depends on your career ambitions. Each MI5 Graduate Scheme offers the opportunity for you to earn a starting salary of £30,000 which is certain to increase after one year. You’ll also be given the option to join a pension programme plus more excellent benefits such as a free season ticket loan! 

There is no work-life balance at the MI5 – myth! This is a common misconception and actually when you leave the office work doesn’t follow. MI5 Graduate Schemes will equip you with training throughout so you can experience personal and professional growth. Take a look at the opportunities offered at the MI5:

Intelligence Officer Development Programme

The Intelligence Officer Development Programme is highly challenging but rewarding all the same. You’ll embark on a two year structured training programme which will enable you to increase your capabilities as you learn new skills and gain a wealth of experience. 

You’ll then work in various roles which will help you to underpin the MI5’s functionings and develop related experience leading to a fulfilling career. Roles you could be working within include policy, warranty, legal casework, analysis, digital intelligence. Once your two years of training is over, you’ll then commit to the Foundation Investigative Training course, which will last for 5 weeks and help prepare you for promotion to a trained intelligence officer. 

As an intelligence officer, you could be combating terrorism, cyber threats or hostile states! Your strategy will reduce the threat level in an attempt to stop it. Once the programme is complete you’ll gain exposure to a variety of roles helping you to reach your career goals.

Intelligence and Data Analyst Development Programme

If you’re interested in a career in data analysis then this is the MI5 Graduate programme for you! You’ll need to interpret incomplete data which can often be complicated. Being able to do so is vital to MI5’s success! Are you curious-minded? Are you able to spot patterns and have a keen eye for detail? You could be the perfect match. 

The MI5 Graduate Scheme in Intelligence and Data Analysis will help you to become equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to answer the various questions that the MI5 receive. You’ll also become familiar with the tools and techniques used by the MI5. during this graduate training programme you’ll work within a number of analysis roles, after this you can discover in-depth aspects of a career in analysis. 

Technology Graduate Development Programme

To join the technology MI5 graduate scheme, you’ll need to have or be predicting a 2:2 in any degree field. Roles within this scheme include: 

  • Project management
  • Information architecture
  • Business analysis
  • Software engineering
  • Cyber technical analysis
  • IT Service management

To thrive in these roles you’ll need a passion for technology and the eagerness to succeed. Sound like you? This MI5 graduate scheme could be right up your street!

Business Enablers Entry Scheme

Are you looking to start your career in corporate services? Do you want to provide support to other areas of the MI5. You will undertake a role in the business services with the opportunity to specialise in a specific discipline such as HR, Finance, Legal or Security. When you join, you’ll first need to go to the MI5 induction course where you next training will vary depending on the role you are assigned. This might include practical based training or off the job training in a classroom, or even a combination of the two. 

If you’re interested in joining the MI5 graduate scheme you’ll have a rewarding career filled with accomplishment and development opportunities – although at times your role may be challenging – it’ll all be worth it knowing that what you’re doing has a direct impact on protecting the country. 

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