Network Rail Apprenticeship Programme

Network Rail Apprenticeship Programme is investing in your future.

Network Rail want you to be the future of their business and the future of Britain’s success. Did you know Network Rail takes care of an astonishing 20,000 miles of track, 40,000 bridges and viaducts, and thousands of signals and level crossings? Not only that, they get millions of people and goods from one destination to another. Without them, Britain just wouldn’t function.

Network Rail Apprenticeship

About the Network Rail Apprenticeship Programme

Whichever career path you want to go down, Network Rail have opportunities for you.

Listed below are Apprenticeships you can get involved with:

Track – You’ll contribute to the optimum operating of the tracks ensuring they are safe and efficient at all times.

Off Track – Find yourself responsible for the inspection, maintenance and renewal of level crossings, fencing drainage, access points and vegetation management.

Overhead Lines – As challenging as ever when the trains aren’t running and the power is stopped, you’ll be inspecting, maintaining and repairing overhead lines.

Signalling – Keeping everyone safe. You’ll ensure trains switch tracks, warn drivers and you can make trains stop!

Telecoms – From fitting CCTV to installing telephone lines in an office or rectifying a mistake in the signal box; you’ll use a vast telecoms network to keep trains running safely and on time.

Electrification and Plant – This could involve anything from conductor rails to overhead lines to track and tunnel drainage pumping systems and standby generators. You’ll ensure power is flowing safely and efficiently.

Lock Fitter – Checking, testing, cleaning and fixing signals throughout the country, no two day will be the same!

Start building experiences and skills to set you up for life. The difference is you.

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