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NHS Apprenticeships in Engineering

From biomedical engineering to electrical, mechanical and building services engineering. Find out what you can do with an engineering apprenticeship in the NHS!

What will I do during engineering NHS Apprenticeship Jobs?

This will solely depend on what department you’re working in and how you utilise your engineering skills.

For example:

Biomedical Engineering – This will involve maintaining and managing medical equipment.

Plant Maintenance Engineer – You’ll ensure that all of the following are working well within NHS building; water supplies and drainage, electrical systems, boilers and alarms.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Engineer – Your job will be to make sure that all hospitals are safe to use and are the correct temperatures for patients so they aren’t too cool or too warm. Additionally, you’ll also make sure that temperatures are the correct level for vital supplies that MUST be kept at a specific temperature.

Building Services Engineer – You’ll oversee the installation and maintenance of systems within NHS buildings. This will include lighting, lifts, securities etc.

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What skills will I learn?

Whichever discipline you decide to do an engineering apprenticeship in you’ll learn problem-solving skills, good manual (hand) skills and organisational skills. As well as covering procedure, systems and health and safety.

What personal characteristics do I need?

To be suitable for an NHS Apprenticeship in Engineering you’ll need to be interested in knowing how things work, continuing to learn. You’ll also need to be physically fit as often you’ll need to work at heights or in confined spaces, lifting, standing, etc. You’ll also be required to work in all areas of a hospital or health centre while being very health and safety conscious. Check out the NHS employer profile to find out more.

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