NHS Apprenticeships – Communications and Marketing

Making an impact on communities. The core to the NHS.

What is marketing and communications?

Marketing and communications is crucial to every successful business. It’s all about advertising and promoting your organisation. You’ll need to be different to gain attention. As a communications and marketing apprenticeship in the NHS you’ll interact with the community and communicate with patients, staff and other interested groups, such as the media and local politicians.

What will I be doing?

You’ll be promoting a healthy lifestyle, encouraging the community to give up bad habits such as smoking, ensuring they know what the recommended guideline for units of alcohol is and making people aware of the negative impacts alcohol/smoking/unhealthy eating/not exercising can have on the body. You might be promoting these things through designing leaflets/posters, shouting about it on social media.

Here is an example of something you could create:

NHS Apprenticeships

You’ll also raise awareness of donor shortages. If people aren’t aware then no one will come forward to help save and improve lives, therefore, an understanding of the NHS organisation is crucial.

You’ll be learning from experts in marketing, design, branding, digital, public relations, media management, change, internal communications, engagement and involvement. You’ll help prolong the reputable brand awareness of the NHS.

What are you waiting for?

Fuel your job satisfaction by joining a team whose marketing targets are to save and improve lives. Check out the NHS employer profile.

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