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Northamptonshire Police Apprenticeships

Northamptonshire Police Apprenticeships offer a variety of opportunities for you to start an exciting and rewarding career within the police force. Do you want a debt free degree? An Apprenticeship with the Northamptonshire Police provides a credible alternative to university so you can enter employment while earning and learning.

Who are Northamptonshire Police?

Northamptonshire Police are committed to protecting Northamptonshire and the people that live there. If you’re looking for a career where no two days will ever be the same then a Northamptonshire Apprenticeship could be the perfect match.

What do Northamptonshire Police Apprenticeships involve?

Northamptonshire Police Apprenticeships involve a work-based learning programme that enables you to advance your capabilities while building your knowledge and gaining real life work experience, a nationally recognised qualification at degree level and practical skills. During your Apprenticeship with Northamptonshire Police you’ll combine practical training with academic study which will help you to launch your career.

Northamptonshire Police are offering you a fantastic opportunity to start your career with a Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship so if you’re passionate about helping to keep the people in Northamptonshire safe and making a difference then this could be your dream job role.

Northamptonshire Police Apprenticeships

Throughout your Apprenticeship with Northamptonshire Police you’ll be encouraged and supported by your colleagues, employer and colleagues who are all industry experts that will help you to grow in your career and personally. An Apprenticeship with Northamptonshire Police will also help you to boost your future career prospects and people from all walks of life are being encouraged to apply. Although a career within the police force can be extremely challenging it is also be highly rewarding.

Think you can rise to the challenge?

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