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Northern Powergrid Apprenticeships provide excellent opportunities for you to kick-start your career within the energy sector. Are you eager to start your career but also want to continue learning? With a Northern Powergrid Apprenticeship you can get the best of both worlds.

Who are Northern Powergrid?

Northern Powergrid provide energy across the North East, Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire. Imagine not being able to charge your phone or switch the light on, thanks to Norther Powergrid you can. They ensure the electricity gets to you safely and they give 100% 24/7.

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What do Northern Powergrid Apprenticeships involve?

Northern Powergrid Apprenticeships involve a combination of on the job training and off the job training which will enable you to gain a range of highly sought skills, a nationally recognised qualification and invaluable work experience while also getting paid!

Do you prefer practical, hands on work? Want to work outdoors? Then an Apprenticeship with Northern Powergrid could be just what you’re looking for. During your craft Apprenticeship you’ll build you knowledge and develop your skills in installing, maintaining and replacing the Northern Powergrid networks. You’ll also gain specialist skills which will enable you to carry out overhead line work and underground cable jointing safely and efficiently.

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Northern Powergrid also offer opportunities as a trainee engineer foundation degree. If you’re passionate about getting a degree but without the huge price tag then this could be the perfect opportunity for you. For the first two years you’ll be working towards completing a Foundation Degree in Electrical Power Engineering, paid for by the Northern Powergrid! Upon completion of your training programme you’ll then be offered a position which suits your best qualities, skills and interests.

Throughout your Apprenticeship with Northern Powergrid you’ll be encouraged to advance your career and boost future prospects within the energy industry. You’ll also receive a wealth of support to help you grow personally and professionally so you can reach your full potential.

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