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Nottinghamshire Police Apprenticeships

Nottinghamshire Police Apprenticeships provide a unique and exciting learning experience into the police force. Do you want a degree but don’t want the huge price tag associated with university? An Apprenticeship with Nottinghamshire Police allows you to obtain a debt free degree while you’ll be working, earning and learning.

Who are Nottinghamshire Police?

Nottinghamshire Police are committed to keeping the public and Nottinghamshire a safe place. If you share the same passions and want to help make a difference to Nottinghamshire and the people there then an Apprenticeship with Nottinghamshire Police could be just what you’re looking for.

What do Nottinghamshire Police Apprenticeships involve?

Nottinghamshire Police Apprenticeships involve a work-based learning programme that mixes theory with practical training that enables you to obtain a nationally recognised qualification while developing your skills and knowledge and you’ll also be exposed to real life work experience.

Nottinghamshire Police Apprenticeships

Are you driven and committed? If so, Nottinghamshire Police want to hear from you! From 2020 the entry requirements to enter a career as a police constable will change and you’ll need to have a degree. There are a range of career paths available into this role including the following –

The degree holder programme – for those who already have a degree

The Pre-Join programme – where students go to university, become Special constables during their studies, then join as an officer on graduation

The Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship – for those who do not yet have a degree

During your Apprenticeship with Nottinghamshire Police you’ll build your knowledge and expand your talent while rotating around the key departments of the police force before applying for specialisms in your third year. You’ll also receive heaps of support and encouragement from your colleagues, employer and learning mentor who will help you to grow personally and professionally.

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