Apprentice in construction industry painting wood

Painting and Decorating Apprenticeships in London

Who is it suited to?

Are you the sort of person who likes working with their hands? Do you enjoy the satisfaction of a hard days graft and a job well done? Then a painting and decorating Apprenticeship might be perfect for you.

What will I be doing?

The painting and decorating industry is so broad, you could be working on a standard house turning it into a home with your skills one day and then the next you could be working on a commercial site or up high on a ladder.


You might expect your skills to consist of having an artistic flare and the ability to wield a brush, but it goes far past all that. You’ll need to do the following:

  • Liaising with clients to meet their deadlines and expectations
  • Liaising with other workers such as electricians who are working on the same job so as not to get under each other’s feet
  • Stripping old wallpaper and hanging new paper
  • Preparing wood, plaster, metal or other surfaces for painting
  • Ordering the correct amount of paint required for the job
  • Applying paint textures such as marble effect
  • Preparing – filling in cracks, sanding/smoothing paintwork
  • An awareness of health and safety standards

Why choose Painting and Decorating Apprenticeships in London?

Experience counts for a lot in the painting and decorating industry; making an Apprenticeship an excellent route. An Apprenticeship means you’ll be able to gain invaluable hands on experience while working towards a nationally recognised qualification. In London there are millions of building and houses, all of these buildings will require painting and decorating from time to time so what better way to get involved in the painting and decorating industry than with an Apprenticeship in London.

CAUTION: As a painter and decorator you’ll be required to work from heights on a ladder or cherry picker so make sure you consider this.

Preparing to paint the wall. Painting tools on a metal ladder.

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