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Plumbing Apprenticeships: Always in Demand

Time and again when reading and researching apprenticeships, one trade keeps cropping up; plumbing. Like all the building trades, it’s a good skill to have.

Certain aspects of the job may be increasingly technical, but plumbers will always be needed and they can’t be replaced by computers. Who else is going to fix a broken pipe on Christmas Day just hours before family comes around expecting lunch? Plumbers are very much in need!

A search on Careermap reveals pluming apprenticeships in London and Newcastle. In fact, pretty much everywhere.

To be a plumber you will learn how to; work at height, how to read building plans, understand circuit and wiring diagrams, diagnose and fix faults and write reports.

There are two levels of plumbing apprenticeships. The intermediate level will enable you to work as a plumber. The advanced level will enable you to work as a senior plumber.

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As a plumber, you could work in a variety of environments. You may find yourself working on a construction site laying brand-new sanitation systems. You may also work in a residential home or even a care setting. In fact, you could be anywhere that plumbing and central heating systems are fitted or need to be installed.

Of course being a plumber is not the job it once was. It’s now a very varied and technically advanced industry. Plumbers are often needed to install environmentally-friendly heating and plumbing systems. Not only would you be working at the forefront of the construction industry, you’d also be helping save the planet.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to consider a plumbing apprenticeship. If not, have a look around and consider one of the other building trades. We’re sure something will appeal to you.

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