Primark Apprenticeship: What you need to know

Everyone loves a good bargain from Primark but did you also know you could also do a Primark Apprenticeship? Primark are known by fashion seekers for their valued price and affordability of the latest fashion statements. Do you want to be a part of it? find out what a Primark Apprenticeship can offer you!

What does a Primark Apprenticeship involve?

Primark recognises that full time study isn’t for everyone but that shouldn’t limit you learning options that’s why Primark Apprenticeships give you the opportunity to grow and develop whilst reaching your full potential. Through a combination of part time study and on the job training this allows you to gain industry specific qualification, invaluable skills and useful work experience.

A Primark Apprenticeship really is a credible alternative to full time study in the retail field.  Not only will you be given the opportunity to learn you’ll also be earning as you do so with all your tuition costs covered.

There are a wide range of Apprenticeship roles available at Primark, which one you choose will depend on your current experience, qualifications and what you’d be most suited to. You could be doing a retail assistant Apprenticeship (Level 2), retail supervisor (Level 3) or retail management (Level 3) which will support the development of your career at Primark.

Primark Apprenticeship

During your Primark Apprenticeship you’ll offered support, both personal and professional, by your colleagues and learning mentor throughout. If you’re looking for a job where no two days will ever be the same, where you’ll be constantly meeting new people and delivering excellent customer service with an approachable manner then Primark is the place to find it.

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