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Change can be challenging, but nothing worth having comes easy.

Assurance is much more than working with numbers. If you enjoy meeting new people, have an inquisitive nature and want to understand all aspects of how an organisation works then you’ll love working in Assurance. The industry is constantly changing and evolving, so you always have to be on the ball to keep track of new legislation and regulations. This makes for a really exciting and varied career. You’ll get plenty of experience working on-site at clients’ offices and build strong relationships with them to understand how their organisation works. You’ll be part of an audit team, and form opinions on the financial position of your clients.

Most things in life change. And the world of business is no exception. Governments change. Exchange rates change. Technology changes. Competition changes. Consulting helps our clients meet their goals by understanding them, listening to them and helping them work out how they could make a few changes of their own – whether they want to grow, help their people to learn new skills or improve the way they do things. As a Consulting Apprentice you’ll help clients look at things in new ways, make suggestions and change things when needed. And as every client is different, the work is really varied and projects can last from a few days to a few years.

Working in Tax means you’ll get to know everything about new tax developments and legislation. You’ll help our clients – from international businesses to wealthy individuals – plan for the future and manage their tax affairs effectively. Tax is always a hot topic in the media and managing the expectations of clients is essential: tax issues can have a huge impact on clients’ reputations, so you must advise them on how they may be perceived in the wider market.

In Deals you’ll manage a wide range of challenges and opportunities. You will guide public and private sector clients through major deals, changes and decisions while helping different organisations tackle business problems, increase value and reduce risk. PwC has two expert teams, one dealing with forensic services and the other dealing with transaction services. Depending on the area, you could help clients looking to buy a business, sell all or part of their business, refinance or list on stock exchanges. Or you could work on an international take-over bid, an economic crime investigation or a commercial dispute. Whichever route you choose, you’ll gain specialist sector experience.

Take the opportunity of a lifetime.

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