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RAF Apprenticeships: What you need to know and how to apply for the right one for you

RAF Apprenticeships are no ordinary job, you’ll get to travel the world, receive outstanding training on and off the job with plenty of job roles for you to choose from.

About the RAF

The Royal Air Force (RAF) patrols the skies, to protect the UK from conflict and threats while maintaining peace overseas.

About RAF Apprenticeships

RAF Apprenticeships offer school leavers experiences like no other with the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications all whilst receiving world class training and getting paid. Are you ambitious and driven? An RAF Apprenticeship could be your perfect match.

RAF Apprenticeships are so broad, there really is something for everybody. Let’s take a look at the RAF Apprenticeships you could be joining:

Cyberspace Communication Specialist – You’ll be maintaining and repairing a wide range of technical equipment that the RAF relies on, such as communication, radar and information systems.

Human Resources – There are so many opportunities available to you in HR. All organisations need human resource staff and the RAF does too. The only difference is a HR career in the RAF doesn’t just mean working in one office 24/7. You could be based within an RAF base, flying operations or at a military location in the UK or abroad where you’ll be preparing staff deployments, recruiting and administering.

RAF Regiment Gunner – RAF Regiments work together, fight together and make unbreakable bonds together, you’ll be responsible for combat tactics, weapons, field craft, and the protection of the force.

RAF Apprenticeships

Supply, Storage and Distribution – You’ll be accountable for the receipt, handling, storing, distribution and disposal of assets and equipment within the RAF.

Catering, Hospitality and Chefs – This could see you working in cabin crew, dining rooms and hotels overseas on operations. This doesn’t always mean you’ll be taking care for the RAF personnel, it could be their families, politicians or even the Royal Family!

Aerospace Systems Operator – You’ll be at the front line of defending the UK and the forces abroad. This means you’ll need to have your eyes and ears wide open whilst working with some of the most advanced and experienced sensors, communications and information systems to keep a lookout for any potential danger.

Flight Operations Assistant – Flight operation assistants offer support and information to aircrews and traffic controllers regarding plans and executing missions in a safe manner.

Intelligence Analyst – Intelligence analyst interpret information using the latest technology to provide intelligence to the forces.

Vehicle and Mechanical Equipment – You’ll support operations and aircraft by repairing and maintaining land-based vehicles.

General Technician Workshop – Working on a range of specialist equipment, aircraft components and vehicles to manufacture and repair them.

Communications Infrastructure Technician – Want to set up and maintain communication systems? This Apprenticeship will offer you just that!

RAF Police – Do you want to help protect and observe the presence of criminal activity? As an RAF police worker, you’ll be ensuring security actions are put into plan to protect the RAF workforce, information and equipment.

Survival Equipment Specialist – This career path allows you to save lives. You’ll fit and repair the equipment used in emergencies.

Aircraft Technician (mechanical and avionics) – Mechanical aircraft technician solve the problems surrounding engines and anything mechanical involved within an aircraft, whereas avionics repair electrical and sensory systems in air crafts.

RAF Apprenticeships

Firefighter – Can you respond quickly to emergencies? As a firefighter, you’ll need to! You will be attending fire and crash scenes working to the best of your ability to save lives and rescue people.

Weapon Technician – As a weapon technician you’ll be responsible for the maintenance and management of explosives and weapons.

Driver – You could be driving cars, cranes, minibuses or specialist vehicles to ensure personnel arrives safe and on time.

Mover – Movers keep things moving, from unloading and loading transport aircraft and cargo by air, rail and road.

Photographer – Are you the type of person that doesn’t miss a thing? Good because a photographer in the RAF needs to capture shots of a wide range of occasions.

Electrician – Be at the heart of making sure the RAF aircraft is efficient and safe by maintaining and repairing electrical equipment.

Skills needed for RAF Apprenticeships

Do you have exceptional communication skills? Can you work as a team and on your own initiative? Do you have self-discipline and confidence? These are all skills you’ll need to work within the RAF. Think you fit the bill? Find out how to apply!

Applying for RAF Apprenticeships

There really is a wealth of opportunities available to you in the RAF. If you’re looking to avoid the typical 9-5 work day check out the links below. 

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