Retail Apprenticeships: Much more than Working behind a Counter

Mention retail to most people and they immediately think of working in a shop. This is a fair assumption, but retail covers everything from department stores, market stalls and chain stores, not to mention small independent shops.

If there is one thing there are plenty of in this world, it’s retail outlets. Retail is a fast-paced world with a largely youthful workforce.

There are many opportunities for a retail apprentice. The hours can be long but a job as a store manager is a realistic aim for anyone with some experience and who is prepared to put in the work.

An Intermediate Level Apprenticeship will provide the skills and knowledge for you to work as a sales assistant, stockroom assistant or even a visual merchandiser (in other words, someone that does the window dressing and makes products look appealing). On completion of an Advanced Level Apprenticeship, you could become a supervisor or team leader, department manager or even a store manager.

Shopping bags

Retail apprenticeships can be found in Manchester, London, Birmingham and a variety of other destinations. Wherever there are shops, good retail staff are needed and apprenticeships will generally be available.

Retail apprenticeships don’t have to result in a job in the front line. A vital part of retail is stock control, especially for food outlets. A stock controller would work behind the scenes to ensure an outlet is properly stocked with merchandise and goods that customers wish to buy.

Some people also choose to become specialists in selling particular products. You could become an expert in technical products such as computers or some other high-value item.

As you can see, there’s much more to retail than shops. There’s also much more to it than selling.

If you think this could be the job for you, take a look on Careermap and see what appeals.

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