Retail Apprenticeships

Retail apprenticeships are the perfect way to start in retail. ‘Retail’ covers many types of jobs and environments, from market stalls to independent shops and they can all lead to all different kinds of careers.

bagAs an apprentice, your role will depend on your particular employer; you could be assisting your manager on the sales floor to handling purchases in a high street store. Alternatively you could be working in a specialist department and become a product expert. An artistic flare could point you to visual merchandising, helping to make in store displays. You may even be interested in working behind the store handling stock and making sure that products have been received in the correct number.

What kind of job roles could I receive after my apprenticeship?

Retail is such a broad market you could be anything from a sales assistant, stockroom assistant, beauty consultant and visual merchandiser to a fresh food counter assistant.

What type of person should I be?

Working in retail you should be confident, work well in a team, be friendly, polite and outgoing. You will be dealing with the public on a daily basis so good customer service is also essential in the retail industry. Having a passion for sales is great to have in this type of career as most retail careers are sales based, and ultimately the whole business will be sales driven.

What are the requirements?

Most apprenticeships look for basic Maths and English skills preferably a ‘C’ in GCSE grade. Some experience in a retail environment, like a summer job or work experience, will improve your chances of securing an apprenticeship, but is not normally a requirement.

Where do I start?

Well if you are excited about a retail apprenticeship the next thing to do is find a suitable workplace placement. Retail apprenticeships are very common and are always available so keep an eye out.

To help with your first step, take a look at our career map online at We are constantly adding updates so take a look and see if we have an apprenticeship in your area.

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