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Rolls-Royce Apprenticeships – What you need to know

If you have a passion for all aspects of engineering, then Rolls-Royce Apprenticeships could be the perfect opportunity for you to kick-start your career whilst earning and learning. Rolls-Royce Apprenticeships provide a practical route into the world of work enabling you to create your future.

About Rolls-Royce

Innovation is at the heart of everything Rolls-Royce do, they are at the forefront of all engineering and technology disciplines and deliver excellence in the the air, on land and at sea. Rolls-Royce is a famous name who are highly respected for the work they do and how they do it. Sustainability is vital at Rolls-Royce as they future proof their business. Each year they invests hundreds of millions of pounds  in people, technology and innovation in order to create products which will be in demand. Do you want to take your career to the next level with a Rolls-Royce Apprenticeship?

What do Rolls-Royce Apprenticeships involve?

Rolls-Royce Apprenticeships provide an excellent opportunity to a debt free qualification relevant to the industry you’re keen to pursue a career in. University and college isn’t for everyone and Rolls-Royce recognises that. That’s why they offer a credible alternative allowing you to advance your career through hands on learning by combining practical on the job training and off the job training which will enable you to develop highly sought skills, vital work experience and a nationally recognised qualification all whilst getting paid! Rolls-Royce want to invest in your talent by exposing you to a broad range of learning and development opportunities to unlock your full potential.

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What types of Rolls-Royce Apprenticeships can you do?

If you’re due to finish your GCSEs and eager to get straight into employment, then Rolls-Royce offer qualifications in the following:

  • Machinists, Aero Engine Fitters & Maintenance – If you want to gain all the engineering and maintenance skills, knowledge and behaviours required to succeed then a Rolls-Royce Machinist, Aero Engine Fitters and Maintenance Apprenticeship will suit you down to the ground.
  • Mechanical Fitters, Welders, Fabricators & Inspectors – As an apprentices at Rolls-Royce as a mechanical fitter, welder fabricator and inspector you’ll build your engineering knowledge while also developing your practical skills.
  • Associate Project Manager – As a project planner apprentice at Rolls-Royce you’ll receive all the training and work experiences need to enjoy a long and fulfilling career in the innovative Nuclear business.
  • Technical – During a technical Apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce you’ll develop core technical and practical skills while facing the world’s toughest engineering challenges. If you think you’re up for the challenge then this could be the Apprenticeship for you!

Rolls-Royce also have an extensive range of opportunities available to people who have A-Levels or equivalent so if you’ve got a passion for engineering, science and even project management then an Apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce can get your career off the ground running with a debt free degree qualification covering the following roles:

  • Supply Chain Management – Working as an apprentice in supply chain management at Rolls-Royce will provide plenty of responsibility in making sure engines, components and parts are where they need to be, on time, in the right location.
  • Project Management – As a project management apprentice you’ll be committed to overseeing innovative projects while working to a deadline to keep customer happy and the business a success.
  • Non-Destructive Testing – As a Non-destructive testing apprentice you’ll be involved in testing parts and components alongside project planning, control of resources, quality assurance, problem solving and gaining an overall technical know-how.
  • Materials Laboratories – Do you want to work alongside world-class scientists and engineers to ensure materials are advanced and safe? A materials laboratory apprentice will do just that!
  • Manufacturing – Do you have a genuine interest in manufacturing? As a manufacturing apprentice at Rolls-Royce you’ll turn concepts and designs into a high-quality product.
  • Manufacturing Engineering – As a manufacturing engineer apprentice you’ll be working across sectors such as civil and defence aerospace and nuclear to turn designs into a reality while gaining a depth of experience of manufacture engineering disciplines.
  • Management Accountant – If you’re looking to gain financial and business experience while becoming a professional accountant through a debt free degree then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.
  • Engineering – Gain invaluable real-world experience as an engineering apprentice at Rolls-Royce. Engineering apprentices could be working within the following industries Civil Aerospace, Defence Services and Nuclear in roles such as Design Engineer, Stress Engineer, Development Engineer or a Service Engineer.
  • Digital & Technology Solutions – Do you want to become an IT or data expert? At Rolls-Royce you’ll receive all the training and work experience and challenges required for you to do so through exposure to real-life placements across IT function and in Data Innovation departments.
  • Commercial – Are you a people person? The Rolls-Royce Commercial Apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to work with customers, partners and suppliers within the civil aerospace industry while building your business and commercial skills

Rolls Royce Apprenticeships

During your Apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce you’ll be working alongside industry experts who will be their to encourage and support your developments plus you’ll also receive opportunities to embark on practical courses covering aspects of personal integrity, and financial and driver awareness, so you can be the best you can be in and out of work.

Learn from the best and get world class training from Rolls-Royce in a range of fields to advance your career today!

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