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The Royal Veterinary College Apprenticeships provide a unique career route into veterinary. If you’re looking for a credible alternative to university then a Royal Veterinary College Apprenticeship could be the answer that you’re looking for.

About Royal Veterinary College

The Royal Veterinary College offer the highest standards of training and qualifications to build talent and knowledge whilst also equipping you with a range of skills and experience relevant to the veterinary industry. If you’re keen to pursue a career in the industry read on to find out more about a Royal Veterinary College Apprenticeship.

What do Royal Veterinary College Apprenticeships involve?

Is full time study not for you? Do you want to progress your career? Do you love animals and want to care for them? The Royal Veterinary College Apprenticeships give you the chance to learn practically through on the job training and academic study which will allow you to gain a range of highly sought skills, industry specific qualifications and hands on work experience.

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During your Apprenticeship you’ll receive heaps of support and guidance both on the job and during your training off the job to ensure that you develop your capabilities and learning opportunities which will help you to advance your career in veterinary nursing.

Veterinary nurses are responsible for the health and well being of animals and work to ensure that they live healthy, happy and long lives. You’ll need a range of skills to succeed as a veterinary nurse for example you’ll need to be empathetic during upsetting situations, supportive and caring and able to administer medication and treatments to animals who are ill or require treatment.

Although Veterinary Apprenticeships can be extremely challenging at times they are also very rewarding and can offer a unique route into the industry with plenty of learning and development opportunities.

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