RS Connect Apprenticeships

RS Connect Apprenticeships provide an exciting platform into the world of work. Are you keen to start your career in the auto electrical industry but also want to continue gaining qualification? With an RS Connect Apprenticeship you’ll do exactly that!

Who are RS Connect?

RS Connect are the experts in installation of telematics equipment, cameras, fuel monitors, alarms, trackers – in fact, any retro-fit auto electrical products. Starting a career with RS Connect means learning from the best. They have built their business on always being professional, knowledgeable and dependable. Start your career today and gain full exposure to real life work experience, responsibilities and challenges.

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What do RS Connect Apprenticeships involve?

Are you enthusiastic to learn and hold down a full time job of at least 30 hours per week? If so RS Connect want to hear from you. If you’re passionate about starting a career within the auto electrical industry but don’t want to go to university or college then an RS Connect Apprenticeship can provide a credible alternative. RS Connect Apprenticeships combine practical on the job learning with off the job training which will enable you to gain a range of skills, work experience and a nationally recognised qualification all while getting paid.

RS Connect offer an extensive range of Apprenticeship opportunities from auto electrical and mobile electrical installation and many more. If you’re looking for a career that exposes you to a wealth of learning and development opportunities, then an RS Connect Apprenticeship could be just what you’re looking for.

RS Connect Apprenticeships

During your Apprenticeship with RS Connect you’ll expand your knowledge and advance your career prospects. You’ll also receive a great extent of support to encourage your personal and professional development.

Begin your journey today!

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