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Sanctuary Group Apprenticeships: Everything you need to know

Sanctuary Group Apprenticeships are an excellent opportunity for school leavers to acquire a wealth of experience, skills and qualifications through a combination of on the job training and off the job study. Sanctuary Group Apprenticeships are a great option for those indecisive as to whether to go to college or university or to find a real job but with an Apprenticeship you’ll get the best of both worlds whilst even getting paid.

Who are Sanctuary?

Sanctuary Group are a not-for-profit organisation. They reinvest their money into helping communities and individuals to help shape a better world and impact the lives of others on a personal level. They have a clear focus and ambitions, joining as an apprentice means you’ll be crucial to the success of maintaining high standards and continuing the excellent work of Sanctuary Group.

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What do Sanctuary Group Apprenticeships involve?

Sanctuary Group Apprenticeships are a credible alternative to those wanting to avoid college and university but still want to continue with their education. Through practical training and academic study, you can gain valuable qualifications whilst getting paid and gaining experience. There a wide range of Apprenticeships available to you at Sanctuary:

  • Business and Administration – Business and Administration staff ensure that everything is moving smoothly and efficiently. This is crucial to Sanctuary Group as the more surplus they make the more they can reinvest into communities and individuals. Business and Administration apprentices really will make a difference.
  • Trade – Sanctuary Group have over 100,000 accommodation units in the UK. These housing units all need to be maintained so if you want to learn a trade then a maintenance operations Apprenticeship at Sanctuary Group will enable you to gain an overview of a variety of trades before deciding what field you want to specialise in such as plumbing, carpentry etc.

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  • Care Work – Sanctuary Group are one of the leading providers in health and social care and currently own and operate an average of 70 care homes. If you’re looking to develop your knowledge and gain a breadth of experience within care work, then a health and social care Apprenticeship could be just what you’re looking for.
  • Horticulture – A horticulture Apprenticeship with Sanctuary Group is all about creating aesthetically pleasing surroundings by transforming landscapes such as parks and gardens. Are you not afraid of getting your hands dirty? A horticulture Apprenticeship could suit you down to a T.

  • Accountancy and Finance – Sanctuary group have a massive turnover working in accountancy and finance ensures money is spent wisely to make a difference and maximise the positive impact Sanctuary have on communities and individuals.
  • IT – Everyone depends on IT in today’s society and Sanctuary Group are no different. If you’re looking to get a head start within the IT industry and develop your understanding of how the industry operates and gain qualifications.

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