SGN Apprenticeships

SGN Apprenticeships – Are you looking for a perfect foundation for a great future? SGN can help you! Interested? Read on…

About SGN Apprenticeships

As an apprentice with SGN, you’ll gain all the knowledge and skills you need to set you up for a successful career in your chosen field. You’ll combine classroom learning with on the job training where you’ll be working alongside experienced professionals. But it isn’t just about teaching you how to use a spanner. SGN want to help prepare you for the future and will invest in you. You’ll do activities to help develop your skills, confidence and team building.

SGN Apprenticeships

Types of SGN Apprenticeships

SGN offer a wide range of Apprenticeships. Listed below are what you can do with SGN:

Pressure Control Apprenticeship – During this Apprenticeship, you will maintain the equipment that controls pressure and the flow of gas. You’ll be working outdoors to ensure SGN customers receive gas continuously.

Pipeline Apprenticeship – As a pipeline apprentice you’ll monitor high pressure pipeline to ensure that damage is prevented and to avoid corrosion. You will also work alongside workers such as farmers who may need your help when working in close proximity to pipes so you can help them plan how to work effectively without any damage being caused.

Electrical & Instrumentation Apprenticeship – As an apprentice you’ll work on operational sites to install and maintain equipment to enable data on the flow, pressure and temperature of gas to be effectively communicated back to the central control room, where they can then manage the control of gas to their customers.

Multi Skilled Depot Apprenticeship – The role of a multi-skilled depot apprentice consists of two different roles. You could be learning how to fit and replace pipes as well as undertaking physical work on the highway. The second role is where you’ll act as a first call operative. You’ll learn how to make the situation safe while having close interaction with customers and keeping them updated.

SGN really is a place to kick-start your career! If you’re looking for exciting opportunities then apply today using the links below.

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