Skilled Manual Apprenticeships

A skilled manual worker is someone who has been trained in a particular trade, it is a very generic term which covers a variety of specialist professions. These tradesmen and women most commonly start as apprentices, learning their skill on the job and then work their way up to a full time position or become self employed.

The trades in the skilled manual sector have such a variety that if you like working with your hands, you are sure to find a trade that interests you; from becoming a baker to a roofer, printer, mechanic or jeweller. are just a few of the trades.

1. Bakers

This is a great profession centered around making bread, biscuits and cakes! Over the years the baker’s tasks have grown to include some of the work traditionally done by pastry chefs, so now it is a truly versatile profession which makes you employable in many different environments such as factories, local bakers shops, restaurants and franchise shops.

2. Roofers

Roofers are ultimately construction workers who have to understand the mechanics of roofing structure, as well as being able to make a building water-tight. There are four main types of roofing, shingle, metal, single-ply or flat rooves, and ‘hot’ or tar roofing, all of which need their own specialist skills, which can only really be learnt as an apprentice on the job.

roofers, roof, roofing

3. Printers

Printers are both company’s providing printing services and individuals directly providing printing presses, printers can work for magazines and newspapers as well as local businesses and advertisers.

4. Mechanics

Most mechanics work in a particular field such as auto mechanics, bicycle mechanics and aircraft mechanics. Mechanics is one of the more unusual manual trades, because it is so highly specialised that each specialty has its own fundamental principles, so there is a significant amount of theoretical learning and classroom teaching that goes alongside the practical side of mechanic apprenticeships.

5. Jewellers

Jewellers create small intricate items to be worn by people; they are creative and have a vision for beautiful items, and as such the profession requires a keen eye for detail and consistency.

Man jeweller examines polished diamond through magnifier. Buyer checking diamond. Cut and polished diamond. Diamond jewellery under grading. Jeweller looking through loupe.

If any of these trades interest you, why not investigate an apprenticeship or internship?

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