Social Media Apprenticeships in Southampton

Social media – Facebook … Twitter … Instagram … LinkedIn; which do you use? Or it might be easier to ask what social media do you not use? We live in a world that revolves around social media. Everywhere we look someone writing a tweet or status. Whether it’s on the bus to school, walking your dog or going out for a meal. You must tell all your followers, right?

social media and online marketing apprenticeships

About Social Media Apprenticeships

A social media and digital marketing Apprenticeship involves using communication and creative writing skills to engage with people online. As a social media and digital marketing apprentice you will promote the employer’s products, services or ideas. This Apprenticeship involves using digital technology and using social media in a creative way. So if you’re a creative person that likes trying new ideas that’s always an added bonus. Social media is the new marketing, the promotion of a business relies heavily on you. You have to remember though that everything you post on social media is visible, and it impact your company brand. So how you want to be known will be portrayed on your social media sites.

Your main duties will be:

  1. Reacting to trends
  2. Posting written content, photographs, and videos
  3. Interacting on Facebook, Twitter, and other websites
  4. Research and analysis

Progression Routes

With the Internet changing so often, working in social media and digital marketing is an exciting and diverse area, in which you can develop a huge range of skills. There really is no ‘code’ to follow, you are the online voice of the company. With experience you could progress to Social Media Manager, Head of Digital Communications, Head of Content and much more, the opportunities are endless.

Did you know people are spending a daily average of 2 hours and 51 minutes on the internet?

Useful Links website, The Juice Academy


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