Specsavers Apprenticeships

Are you feeling confused over what to do when you leave school or college? It’s never easy deciding where to begin your next chapter but if you’re looking to enter the world of work and continue your education then Specsavers Apprenticeships could be perfect for you!

About Specsavers Apprenticeships

Specsavers Apprenticeships are a great place to get started, you will gain knowledge, invaluable skills, experience and qualifications – oh and did we mention you’ll also get paid! There is an extensive range of qualification levels available at Specsavers from intermediate to degree level.

Through Specsavers Apprenticeships, you’ll study off the job with your training provider as well as receiving on the job training and multiple amounts of support from your employer, colleagues and tutor.

specsavers Apprenticeships

Types of Specsavers Apprenticeships

Specsavers is a diverse international business and their Apprenticeship opportunities reflects the diversity of the business. You can do an Apprenticeship with Specsavers in the following roles:

Retail – As a retail apprentice, you will be based in Specsavers stores in the UK where you’ll develop your customer service skills in a customer facing role.

As a retail apprentice you could have one of the following job titles:

  • Optical Assistant (Level 2)
  • Customer Service Practitioner (Level 2)
  • Retailer (Level 2)
  • Spectacle Maker (Level 3)

Watch the video below for more information:

Support Offices – Apprenticeships within Specsavers support office offer a wide range of opportunities, from accountancy to surveying and many other areas of the business.

Supply Chain – Supply chain apprentices help to keep things moving. You’ll ensure there’s plenty of products at the Specsavers stores.

Support office and supply chain Apprenticeships include working in the following roles:

  • Associate Project Manager (Level 4)
  • Business Administrator (Level 3)
  • Chartered Manager (Level 6)
  • HR Consultant (Level 5)
  • HR Support (Level 3)
  • Operations/Departmental Manager (Level 5)
  • Recruitment Consultant (Level 3)
  • Recruitment Resource (Level 2)
  • Senior Leader (Level 7)
  • Team Leader/Supervisor (Level 3)
  • Chartered Surveyor (Level 6)
  • Junior Content Producer (Level 3)
  • Accountancy/Taxation (Level 7)
  • Assistant Accountant (Level 3)
  • Accounting Technician (Level 4)
  • Business Analyst (Level 4)
  • Cyber Intrusion Analyst (Level 4)
  • Cyber Security Technologist (Level 4)
  • Data Analyst (Level 4)
  • Digital and Technology (Level 6)
  • Digital Marketer (Level 3)
  • Infrastructure Technician (Level 3)
  • Network Engineer (Level 4)
  • Software Developer (Level 4)
  • Software Development Technician (Level 3)
  • Software Tester (Level 4)
  • Customer Service Specialist (Level 3)
  • Customer Service Practitioner (Level 2)
  • Supply Chain Warehouse Operator (Level 2)
  • Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician (Level 3)
Specsavers Apprenticeships


As you can see there is a wide range of opportunities available to you at Specsavers. Use the links below to find out more!

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