SPIE Apprenticeships

SPIE Apprenticeship are offering you the chance to earn while you learn. Are you keen to begin your journey into the world of work but don’t know where to begin? SPIE can help you to get a head start on your career while giving you the opportunity to receive industry leading training!

Who are SPIE?

SPIE UK provides energy, safety and environmental solutions across a range of multi-technical and support services. They are involved in the initial design, through to installation, testing and commissioning as well as long term maintenance and facilities management.

What do SPIE Apprenticeships involve?

SPIE Apprenticeships enable you to build on your knowledge, technical capabilities and skills through academic study and on the job training. You’ll also gain a wealth of real life work experience and a nationally recognised qualification. During your Apprenticeship you’ll face a range of challenges and responsibilities however SPIE Apprenticeships are also highly rewarding.

There are an extensive range of Apprenticeships available at SPIE including the following:

  • Electrician – An electrician apprentice will install cables/wiring, sockets, lighting systems and electrical applicants.
  • Heating and Ventilation Engineer – As a heating and ventilation engineer you’ll be responsible for installing hot and cold water systems, pumps/underground drainage systems and soil/rainwater systems.
  • Maintenance Engineer – Maintenance engineers carry out reactive maintenance and planned preventative maintenance while also dealing with emergencies.
  • Overhead Line Technicians – As an overhead line technician you’ll be working on high and low voltage systems while also installing wood poles, steelwork, insulators, conductors as well as the installation and replacement of OHL switch gear, transformers and fuses.


SPIE Apprenticeships


Are you committed to working hard in a physically demanding job? Enthusiastic and keen to start work? If so, a SPIE Apprenticeship could be perfect for you!

Ready to embark on your career journey with SPIE?

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