Sport and Fitness Apprenticeships

Nowadays, due to a shift in culture, many people pay more attention to their body and health, using more of their spare time to stay in shape and be healthy.

Because of this, the health and fitness industry is a large market which has seen a huge growth spurt in the last few years.

The sport and fitness industry offers a whole range of opportunities in a field that can be very interesting and rewarding. If this is an area you are passionate about, you will enjoy your work, have interaction with a lot of people and of course, keep yourself in shape.

In the sport and fitness industry, customer experience is fundamental, so experienced staff with fantastic customer service skills are a must.

Sport and fitness apprenticeships will help you to develop top-notch client facing skills, a confident attitude and knowledge to keep your customers engaged and happy. In addition to that, you will be trained on the job and will learn sales and customer care skills.

By doing an apprenticeship you will gain confidence and experience in order to increase your chances in an industry where employers require already formed, experienced and self-assured people.

The employment possibilities in this industries are endless, from fitness or gym instructor, recreation assistant, leisure centre assistant, maintenance, customer care and so on.

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What is required?

It is expected that you have a keen interest in fitness and that you enjoy keeping yourself in good shape. Employers are also looking for you to be friendly with excellent communication skills. You need to be someone who loves people!

Finding your apprenticeship

If health and fitness is a way of life for you and you would like to turn that passion into a career, a sports and fitness apprenticeship could be just for you.

You can take your first step right now and find a Sport and Fitness Apprenticeship on our website. Take a look at our Careermap to find an apprenticeship in your area.

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