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Sport and Fitness Apprenticeships: What you need to know and how to apply for the right one for you

You don’t need to be the next Lionel Messi to do sport and fitness Apprenticeships there is a wide range of opportunities available to you. Did you love PE at school? Always wanted a career in sport and fitness? An Apprenticeship in sport and fitness could be your perfect match.

What do Sport and Fitness Apprenticeships involve?

There has never been a better time than now to start a career in sport and fitness. The industry has steadily inclined and is expected to reach ‘22.8 billion British pounds by 2020’. Read the full report online.

Sport and fitness Apprenticeships allow you to gain practical experience on the job as well as off the job training where you’ll receive a professional qualification. Sport and fitness Apprenticeships can offer you excitement, diversity and an abundance of fun is guaranteed. Let’s take a look at a small handful of sport and fitness Apprenticeships available to you:

Sports Coaching – Sports coaches help people reach their full potential through training and developing skills. You could be coaching at a school, gym or a community team. What you coach all depends on you and the Apprenticeship you apply for. You could be coaching football, rugby or other activities from people of all ages and backgrounds.

Personal Trainer – Personal Trainers can work within a gym environment or meet people outside of a gym to train them personally one to one. You’ll listen to their needs and put together a training plan to help them to achieve their desired result. This includes both dietary/nutrition and exercise plans.

Outdoor Activity Instructor – An outdoor activity instructor involves teaching outdoor activities such as cycling, horse riding, water sports and even quad biking. If you’re looking to get an adrenaline rush from your career then this is the one for you.

Lifeguard – Lifeguards can be found at beaches or in leisure centres they supervise swimmers and prevent hazards and accidents from occurring. You’ll need to be aware at all times as you’ll have huge responsibilities which can literally mean life or death!

Skills needed for Sport and Fitness Apprenticeships

Sport and Fitness Apprenticeships require you to be energetic, passionate about the industry, determined and able to motivate others. You will also need to be able to communicate effectively and be empathetic towards others. If this sounds like you then continue reading!

Sport and Fitness Apprenticeship Frameworks

Here is a list of current sport and fitness Apprenticeship frameworks:

  • Sporting Excellence – Level 3
  • Sports Development – Level 3
  • Supporting Teaching and Learning in Physical Education and School Sport – Level 3
  • Activity Leadership – Level 2
  • Coaching – Level 2, 3
  • Exercise and Fitness – Level 2, 3
  • Outdoor Programmes – Level 3
  • Leisure Operations/Management – Level 2, 3
  • Playwork – Level 2, 3

Apprenticeships are currently undergoing a serious change. Frameworks don’t always work and therefore by 2020 all Apprenticeship frameworks will be removed and replaced by Apprenticeship standards.

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Sport and Fitness Apprenticeship Standards

Here is a list of sport and fitness Apprenticeships and their standards which have currently been approved and ready for delivery:

  • Sports Turf Operative – Level 2
  • Community Activator Coach – Level 2

The following standards are awaiting final approval for delivery and are currently undergoing developments:

  • Outdoor Sports – Level 3
  • Sporting Excellence Professional – Level 3
  • Community Sport and Health Officer – Level 3
  • Personal Trainer – Level 3
  • Physiotherapist – Level 6


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