Sports and Leisure Apprenticeships

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What kind of Sport and Leisure Apprenticeships are available?

There are a range of apprenticeships available within the sports and leisure industry, ranging anywhere from personal trainers to swimming instructors, or even working in a leisure centre as a receptionist. The possibilities are endless.

You’ll learn life skills through a sports and leisure Apprenticeship you’ll learn that ability is what you’re capable of doing, motivation determines what you do and attitude determines how well you do it. Whatever aspirations you desire, these 3 attributes will take you a far way.

Are you enthusiastic about fitness, health and motivating others?

If you answer yes to the previous question then you’ve established you’re a fitness enthusiast. Now you’ll need to decide what sector of the sports and leisure industry you want to work within.

Leisure Assistant – As a leisure assistant you’ll be doing a bit of everything, you’ll assist in areas that require you to do so, this may be the set up of equipment, ensuring safety within the leisure centre or gym, completing admin tasks, organising events, handling customer enquires, promoting fitness activities and reporting back to the manager.

Fitness Instructor – This Apprenticeship will require you to advise clients on diet, develop bespoke personal training plans and give vital advice and encouragement. You will demonstrate the correct way to use exercise equipment, monitor the misuse of equipment, ensure the gym is clean and free of health and safety hazards, deliver exercise classes and workshops.

Exercise to Music Instructor – Think Zumba when it come to this Apprenticeship. You will learn how to add choreography to your routines through creativity helping your classes to become healthy through fun.

Personal Trainer – Personal trainers help individual clients to reach their goals and fitness levels. Your role is to educate, motivate, plan and coach your client to help them get the best from their workouts and exercise plans these are tailor made to each client. This will be a one on one session (with someone who’s qualified whilst you’re still an apprentice) you’ll monitor you’ll record client’s progress using methods such as body fat testing and heart rate levels. This enables you to give advice about lifestyle changes and more general information about health and nutrition.

Lifeguard – As a lifeguard apprentices you main code of practice will be to act as pool attendant, supervise the swimming pool at all times, caution swimmers acting in an unsafe manner, rescue swimmers in danger of drowning and administer first aid, inspect facilities for cleanliness and carry out the necessary cleaning duties, determine and report on the temperature, chlorine content and pH value of water at the appropriate intervals and to undertake any role as directed by a line manager.

Swimming Instructor – You will be on hand to help develop swimming skills in all ages, this will require you to adapt your teaching approaches to the age, experience and ability of participants, so they can meet course objectives, you will provide for the health and safety of participants, including ensuring that all teaching and practice areas are free of hazards, communicate regularly with participants and their parents, as appropriate, to ensure they are aware of progress and recognize and respond effectively in emergencies in accordance with facility emergency.

Sports Coaching – This could range anywhere from in schools or coaching on an evening. It could include a variety of sports where you’ll be teaching people at any age, how to do a specific sport including warm ups and activities, such as football coaching.

A sports and leisure Apprenticeship will need determination, it will test your abilities, but success is where preparation and opportunity meets.

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