SSE Apprenticeship Programme

Be proud to make a difference with the SSE Apprenticeship programme.

Who are SSE?

SSE are one of the biggest companies in the energy industry. Customers current and future needs are at the heart of what they do. Imagine not being able to switch your light on, put the heating on or watch the TV, it’d be like going back to the olden days. You have SSE to thank for that. They carry electricity to 3.7 million homes and business so you don’t have to worry about your only source of light coming from the sun or a candle.

Are you a team player? Do you believe in taking precautions to prevent accidents? If so then you’ll fit in perfectly. SSE believe all accidents are preventable, you either do everything safe or not at all and teamwork is what makes the company work.

The SSE Apprenticeship

The SSE Apprenticeship is here to give you not only the opportunity to receive accredited training and qualifications but to also help you grow with the company and achieve your goals. With a combination of learning on the job, new experiences and formal training, nothing can stop you in this exciting industry. Are you ready to meet the challenges awaiting you?

What Apprenticeship programmes are available?

As an SSE apprentice you can study in the following areas:

IT Degree Apprenticeship – You’ll gain practical experience and skills that will set you up for life as well as holding a degree in IT and of course no tuition fees will be made by you.

Engineering Craft Apprenticeship – This is a sector with multiple career routes. You can join as an apprentice in mechanics, engineering or electrical contracting.

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