Organisation Name

BMW Apprenticeships

Type: Public
Founded: 1916
Employees: 129,932+
Industry: Automobiles, motorcycles

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'BMW Apprenticeships allow me to accelerate in education and work, as it allow you to get the experience at the same time as studying, usually also providing a permanent job at the end of the scheme. In addition to this you are also earning as well as studying expenses paid for, so financially it has huge benefits.'


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The BMW Group sets trends in production technology and sustainability as an innovative leader with an intelligence mix, a technological shift towards digitalisation and resource-efficient production. At the same time, flexibility and continuous optimisation of value chains ensure competitiveness. BMW are committed to the production of luxurious cars and product and are currently looking for the superstars of tomorrow to join their team! Could you be one of them?

Do you have a passion for cars and fixing things? If so, a BMW Apprenticeship could be an excellent platform into a career within the automotive industry. BMW Apprenticeships will arm you with a range of skills, experience and a nationally recognised qualification.

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