Organisation Name

Buckinghamshire New University

Type: Public limited company
Founded: 1999
Industry: University, Education

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Buckinghamshire New University is a unique breed of university, focusing on degrees that are professional and practical, as well as academic. Young in outlook, but well established in the fields they specialise in, the university offers high quality, professionally-driven university courses, in everything from nursing, health and social care, to cyber fraud detection, textiles and aviation.

Want to graduate with your gown an gap but the traditional university route doesn't appeal to you? Don't worry! Buckinghamshire New University offer a wide range of Apprenticeship opportunities so you can get a debt free degree while earning and learning.

Apprenticeship opportunities include:

Chartered Manager
Professional Accounting / Taxation Technician
Associate Project Manager
Assistant Practitioner
Digital and Technology Solutions Professional
Product Design & Development Engineer / Manufacturing Engineer
Registered Nurse
Nursing Associate
Senior Leader
Academic Professional

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