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Type: Professional body
Founded: 1892
Industry: Law

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'I think the biggest benefit of an apprenticeship is that, unlike my friends who did go to university, I have already started paying into my pension and have gained experience and made my name in an organisation where I could potentially spend the rest of my working life.'

Billy Attaway

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Apprenticeships in Law and Legal Services - Study with CILEx

Apprenticeships are ideal for younger people starting out on a new career, an adult looking to make a career change, or an employee who would like to develop their skills and knowledge to gain a promotion.

Apprenticeships are flexible and are designed to offer a structured programme of learning to fit around the needs of the individual and the employer.

Learning takes place mainly during employment through the development of ‘on the job’ skills. However there is an 'off the job' training element which usually takes place away from the immediate pressures of the job but on the employer's premises, or at a local college or a specialist training organisation, or through distance learning providers. The off-the-job training is usually done on day release or over a number of days in a block.

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