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Colas Rail


Colas Rail Apprenticeships - 'I love getting up for work no matter when I'm on nights or days. There's always something new for me to take away from that shift. It is a very fulfilling job and I enjoy every moment.'


About this organisation

Colas Rail is an award winning railway specialist and one of Europe's leading railway infrastructure, constructing and renewing service suppliers. Colas Rail are committed to respecting customers views, responses, suggestions and are proactive in anticipating their needs as they look at things from their perspective.

Colas Rail were created when two railway giants merged and therefore joining the expert knowledge, skills and resources to become the best in the industry.

Colas Rail have a flexible approach to what they do and branch out to a diverse range of industries from track laying solutions to OLE renewals design and build contractors, to multidisciplinary projects and high speed lines, design and surveying, light rail and metro schemes, freight and on track plant.

Keen to start your career in rail engineering? An Apprenticeship with Colas Rail could be the perfect opportunity for you to kick-start your career while also gaining qualifications, highly sought skills and a nationally recognised qualification.
Type: Subsidiary
Founded: 2007
Industry: Freight operating company, rail engineering
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