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About this company:

We are the leading educator of fitness professionals in the UK offering world class qualifications in

personal training, injury prevention and performance specialisms.

For over 25 years we have been transforming lives across the world by setting the highest standards

in health, fitness and wellness.

We exist to equip fitness professionals with the inspiration and information to over achieve.

Our learning methodology is built from the latest sports science data and research; we work with

industry leading experts to help shape our world class teaching and learning.

All courses and qualifications are nationally accredited by Active IQ and are fully recognised by

employers, REPs and CIMSPA.

Our courses are delivered using the latest technology, face to face workshops, live webinars and e-

learning platforms allowing students to access our practical workshops, which are focused on

delivering high impact, immersive techniques that quickly develop capability and mind-set that

prepare our graduates for success on the gym floor.
Education and You: Apprenticeships

When some people are thinking about their education, they tend to overlook apprenticeships. This is because they might not have done one before or they don’t know what is involved in the apprenticeship. When, actually, apprenticeships are actually very beneficial to a person’s education. So, what are they? Basically, an apprenticeship is where you have …

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Employers: Why you need apprentices in your business

When thinking about why have apprenticeships, the opinion is based more on the benefits for the apprentice. Not many people focus on why an employer should have an apprentice instead of hiring a fully qualified member of staff. The aim of this post is not to discourage people from hiring, when most of the country …

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Everything that you need to know about apprenticeships

A lot more people are picking apprenticeships, instead of pursuing higher education at a university. This is because apprenticeships are more geared towards finding a job at the end of it. When people go to university, they pay a lot of money and then when they graduate, they don’t really have an option for getting …

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Is an apprenticeship right for you?

Choosing an apprenticeship is something that you should put a lot of thought into. You should ask yourself is an apprenticeship is right for you? Be aware of what you are getting yourself into because if you are expecting it to be an easy ride, then you might be shocked on your first day of work. …

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Architecture Apprenticeships: What is expected of you?

Architecture Apprenticeships are very competitive. When you apply for one, you will be interviewed along with thousands of other candidates, so you have to know what is expected of you so that you can make yourself the better candidate. Interview The interview process will be rigorous, but this depends on the company that the apprenticeship …

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Arts, Publishing and Media Apprenticeships

Arts, publishing and media are fields where you don’t have to go to university to have a career. You can if you want to, but you don’t have to. You will find that the better option is to apply for an apprenticeship. Having an apprenticeship might set you up with the skills that you need …

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Construction Apprenticeships

If you like working with your hands and operating complex machinery, then a construction apprenticeship might just be for you. With construction, it is all about on the job learning, rather than working with theory. There will be some form of paperwork involved in the apprenticeship, but on the whole, it is all about working …

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Customer Service Apprenticeships

If you are kind the person who likes to be social and has a natural ability to communicate, you might consider applying for customer service apprenticeships. Being able to represent your company well to clients, senior staff and even competitors, will make not only make your company look good, but you look good too and …

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Business and Administration Apprenticeship

Why do a Business and Administration Apprenticeship? If you are interested in playing an important role within a business or an organisation or hoping to one day manage your own business, a Business and Administration apprenticeship could be for you.  Business and Administration Apprenticeship (whether an executive assistant, secretary, office junior or data entry clerk) …

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IT and Telecoms Apprenticeships

Why consider doing IT and Telecoms Apprenticeships? IT (Information Technology) is everywhere. To prove the point, you are reading this article online. In today’s society, good IT skills are essential, and keeping up to date with the latest technologies and software is a necessity in this ever-changing, ever-growing technological world. As a result, there is …

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Social Media and Online Marketing Apprenticeships

When we look at the world of work and business, digital media is a huge growth industry that currently shows no signs of slowing down. For the right people, the opportunities in this industry are huge. However, that said, positions in this industry can be very competitive so you will need to be a focused …

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Hair and Beauty Apprenticeships

If you are looking to start a career in the beauty trade, hair and beauty apprenticeships could be the perfect way to get started in the industry. Working in hair and beauty can be extremely rewarding. In this industry you get the opportunity to paper and de-stress clients, plus boost their self esteem every time …

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Sport and Fitness Apprenticeships

Sport and fitness Apprenticeships – Nowadays, due to a shift in culture, many people pay more attention to their body and health, using more of their spare time to stay in shape and be healthy. Because of this, the health and fitness industry is a large market which has seen a huge growth spurt in …

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Childcare Apprenticeships

Childcare is an extremely important industry. Children take people around them as role models so it is crucial that everyone working with them has a solid education; a very skilled person can make a huge difference in a child’s development. The childcare industry is changing at a fast pace and offers many opportunities. Working with …

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Mechanic Apprenticeships

The motor vehicle industry is one that has changed a lot over the last few years. The second hand car industry has soared, and with it so has the demand for professional maintenance and repair. Since the industry is generally a very practical one, the most common way into it is through an apprenticeship. What …

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Hospitality Apprenticeships

Working in hospitality can offer a broad range of career paths. Opportunities include working in hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, clubs and a lot more. There are a lot of opportunities in the hospitality industry and in the UK it is one of the biggest employment industries. According to recent reports there will be a …

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IT Apprenticeships

Working in IT is an exciting career path that can lead to many different opportunities. There are lots of different paths that you can take which can lead to various exciting places including working abroad and perhaps even becoming an IT Director. This industry is extremely fast paced and can offer a lifelong career. Technology …

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Retail Apprenticeships

Retail apprenticeships are the perfect way to start in retail. ‘Retail’ covers many types of jobs and environments, from market stalls to independent shops and they can all lead to all different kinds of careers. bagAs an apprentice, your role will depend on your particular employer; you could be assisting your manager on the sales …

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Apprenticeships in Business

Completing an apprenticeship in business can kickstart your career in a very competitive environment. Whether you want to start your own business, or you want to work your way up in a big company, an apprenticeship is a great way to gain experience and make some contacts. You will learn all the essential skills to …

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Help with CV writing

Writing a CV can be daunting and confusing, but we have some helpful tips to make it easier. The reason employers want to see your CV is so that they can decide if they want to interview you, and to understand what experience you have so you need to make very that very prominent. If …

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How to Prepare For an Interview

Once you have an interview for an apprenticeship you might find yourself feeling a bit nervous. This is normal for everyone, and we have some tips to help you prepare. When you are preparing for an interview you should make sure to research the company properly. This will show that you have an interest in …

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Hiring an Apprentice

Recruiting an apprentice is a way of increasing your workforce, growing your business and improving productivity. It’s a great way of introducing young people to your company, and it can be cheaper to train up an apprentice than employ new fully trained staff. Training an apprentice can often identify a skill gap within your company, …

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10 Questions to Ask in an Interview

Job seekers often focus so much on answering questions in an interview; they forget that they are there to ask questions in interviews too. Especially if you are being interviewed for your first job. Here are 10 interview questions that will help you out: What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate?This is a …

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Transport and Logistics Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship in transport and logistics can cover lots of different roles. A full time career in logistics usually consists of all the organisation and paper work in getting things from A to B for companies and individual companies, unless you are one of the many couriers involved in the physical process of transport. The …

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Engineering Apprenticeships 2021

Looking for engineering apprenticeships? If so, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking to gain hands-on experience while gaining invaluable skills and a nationally recognised qualification then an engineering apprenticeship can offer you just that! Plus there’s so much you can do in the engineering field, from electrical to mechanical and aircraft engineering, …

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Working in Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector provides the goods we all use at home on a daily basis, as well as products that are used for businesses to function successfully. This sector not only provides a number of careers, but also can be found in a variety of industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, automobile, aerospace, chemical and textiles. …

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Energy and Renewables

With the rapid development already taking part in renewables, newcomers in the industry will play a big part in it. With hundreds of companies now engaging in wind and marine energy related business activities; there is more of a demand for new energy and renewables apprentices then ever. The variety of career pathways and entry …

Energy and Renewables