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Telecommunication Apprenticeships: What you need to know and how to apply for the right one for you

Telecommunication Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to gain experience with the chance to work alongside experienced professionals who can share their knowledge and help you to obtain skills required within the industry while also acquiring a nationally recognised qualification in the industry.

What do Telecommunication Apprenticeships involve?

Telecommunication Apprenticeships combine on the job training with academic study enabling you to gain highly sought skills. Telecommunication refers to a branch of technology that enables communication via cable, broadcasting, telephone and telegraph. There is a broad scope of telecommunication roles available to school leavers from technical and engineering to sales and administration.

Statista reported that ‘in 2016 the telecommunication industry revenue was 35.6 billion’.  There really isn’t a better time to start an Apprenticeship in an industry that is so heavily relied on.

What roles could you be doing as a telecommunication apprentice?

  • Equipment Installation – Equipment installers will put in place a wide range of networks in building such as offices and people’s homes. You will also test and repair any faults with networks, equipment or connections.
  • Line Installation –  Do you like the idea of working at heights or underground? As a line installer you could be installing, testing and repairing overhead cables or cables below ground.
Electrician working on electric power pole
  • Administration – If you’re organised and like the idea of working within the telecommunications industry then an administration could be your dream role. You’ll have a wide range on responsibilities including processing orders and bills and retaining customer databases.
  • Customer Service – Do you like the idea of getting paid to talk and help customers? As a customer service apprentice in telecommunication you will answer any queries and provide knowledge to customers. You will also deal with any complaints and ensure you do your utmost best to put it right. You could also be booking in appointments for fault repairs of equipment and lines.
  • Sales and Marketing – Telecommunication companies face a competitive market, so marketing is essential to keep up to date with the changes and to advertise the brand and encourage customers to switch companies. Sales roles mean you will need an in-depth knowledge of the services and products you sell so you can offer potential customers as much information as they need on choosing a service and product that is right for them. You will also need to up sell and offer additional products and services that may be of interest to the customer.
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Skills in Telecommunication

Through telecommunication Apprenticeships you will secure a valuable set of skills that are required to succeed in the industry. You’ll gain skills related to your role and overall skills that can be applied to other roles such as excellent communication skills, organised, multitasking, tech skills, motivated and driven.

Apprenticeship Frameworks

Here is a list of telecommunication Apprenticeship frameworks available:

  • IT, Software, Web and Telecoms – Level 2, 3, 4
  • Contact Centre Operations – Level 2, 3
  • Customer Service – Level 2, 3

Apprenticeships are changing due to frameworks not always working. Therefore by 2020 all frameworks will have been replaced by standards which are skill, behaviour and knowledge based and meet the needs of both the apprentice and employer.

Apprenticeship Standards

Currently approved for deliver are the following telecommunication Apprenticeship standards:

  • Unified Communication Technician – Level 3
  • Electrical, Electronic Product Service and Installation Engineer – Level 3
  • Unified Communication Trouble Shooter – Level 4
  • Utilities Engineering Technician – Level 3

Telecommunication Apprenticeships and Employers

You can work for a wide range of telecommunication employers including BT, o2, Vodafone, EE, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin and many more.

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