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Theatre Apprenticeships in London

About the Theatre

Lights … Camera … ACTION

The world is your stage, quite literally with a Theatre Apprenticeship. It’s often said that the theatre was created to tell the truth about life.  From backstage production to technical departments, to even being centre of the stage, there are a wide range of career opportunities awaiting you in the theatre. Anything is possible.

Irrespective of artistically or commercially the theatre industry is thriving in the UK. Attendance and interest are high, creative output is impressive, and the business is driven by enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit but that’s not to say that cuts to the arts aren’t being made and taking it’s toll , but it is still an exciting industry to be part of!

Theatre Apprenticeships can include anything, it’s not just all about your name being in big sparkly lights. Some departments and roles you might not have considered before include stage door keeping, creative learning, interior design, risk management, insurance, HR, finance, UK and international venue acquisition, ticketing, revenue management, marketing, PR, property and venue management, customer experience management, front of house roles and box office management, administration, PA roles, payroll and accounting, IT and software development.

What is involved in a Theatre Apprenticeship?

As the range of apprenticeships within the theatre is so wide and broad your daily duties will be dependent on which Apprenticeship you choose to do and your employer.

Ticketing – Ticketing Apprenticeships within the theatre generally involve selling tickets, pricing, marketing and online presence such as uploading information to the website.

Production & Programming – Your roles will solely depend on what production is occurring at the time but you will assist in the day to day running of the office and distributing reviews, coupled with a variety of tasks such as reading scripts, booking travel or even assisting with press nights.

Reception, Commercial Development & Executive Assistants – This Apprenticeship is crucial to the theatre’s success you’ll focus on growth and improvement as well as ensuring the smooth running of the organisation. You’ll also be responsible for legal and contracting work.

Technical – As a technical theatre apprentice you’ll be preparing, rigging and installing sound and lighting equipment/systems for live performances and events, you’ll also operate the lighting and sound equipment during rehearsals and performances. You’ll assist during performances with stage and props work, and safely installing and operating scenery for productions. There’s plenty going on behind the scenes.

Costume and Wardrobe – You can’t have a show without no costumes, can you? Your job will be to make and alter clothes for actors, and helping them to put those clothes on. You could also be sourcing costumes and accessories for hire and keeping all clothing cleaned and ironed.

Centre Stage – It’s not all about the glitz and the glamour. Performing staff work extremely long hours, to demanding schedules. It’s also not considered as a secure profession. It’s a risk but that’s show biz for you. It helps to know what type of theatre performances you’d like to be in, if you’re hoping to work in musicals such as Chicago or Les Miserables in the West End you should consider a musical theatre Apprenticeship.


London is renowned for it’s theatres and acting, the big stages are a prominent destination for tourists and locals. Think the West End, New London Theatre, Playhouse Theatre, Apollo, the list is endless along with the opportunities of success in a thriving industry like the theatre.

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